Backcountry Skiing

backcountry skiingSkiing the land few others venture out to. Is it out of the way? Yes. Is some hiking involved? Most likely. But will you get the same thrill at the ski hill? Probably not. You will be skiing on snow that has not been carved, finding your way through hills and valleys; watching out for trees, rocks, and wild animals, while experiencing the true adventure of what is termed backcountry skiing. You will have to drive or hitchhike up the mountain pass. If you have a car then park road-side and continue to hike up the peak of the mountain. From there you will start heading down the unmarked mountain.

There are a few things to know when it comes to backcountry skiing safety. First, go in a group and always make sure someone not in your group knows where you are going. Second, bring a first aid kit, water and snacks along. Be aware of exhaustion and take a break when needed. Third, it is not all downhill all the time, be prepared to walk in deep powder or be ready for some cross country skiing when in a low area. Fourth, and most important, learn avalanche safety; you do not want to be the next news report.

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