Essential Ski Gear

Your ski gear and equipment have a strong impact on your skiing experience, so it’s important that you are prepared with all the essentials before your day on the mountain. Dressing appropriately is the key to being comfortable while you ski. Here are some suggestions that will help you stay warm and dry in the wet snow:
•    Thermals –long thermals make a good bottom layer because they cover your whole body and they are easy to tuck into socks.
•    Thick socks – thick socks will help keep your feet and toes warm throughout the day. Pull them up over the bottom of your thermals. Bringing an extra pair of socks (keep them in a coat pocket) is a good idea in case your first pair of socks get too wet for comfort.
•    Snow pants – snow pants are waterproof pants that help keep you padded and dry all day, even if you fall a lot. Put your snow pants over your layer of thermals.
•    Snow coat – your snow coat should be waterproof and wind-stopping. If you don’t think your coat will keep you warm enough then add a sweater or jacket underneath for extra warmth. You can always remove a layer if you get too hot.
•    Gloves – getting a good pair of gloves is vital. If your hands feel frozen then it will make skiing very difficult. Get thick, waterproof gloves that tighten at the opening. This will prevent snow from getting up your coat sleeve.
•    Ski hat – get something to cover your ears from the cold wind. Beanies, ski helmets and headbands are some of your options.
•    Goggles – goggles will help keep snow out of your face and the strong winds out of your eyes, allowing you to see clearer and easier.

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