What’s So Different About Looking For A Career Seeker In A Ski Town? Check Out This Steamboat Springs Job Posting

Attracting candidates for a career job in Steamboat Springs, Jackson Hole, or Truckee is not going to (even slightly) compare to searching for employees to fill positions located in a big city. Apples and Oranges. Work to live … live to work. Priorities are totally different. Finding the right fit for your ski town based company takes the right mix of targeted marketing and advertising, creativity, and patience (don’t just fill the seat).

You want to find someone who is going to be responsible and skilled enough to get the job done (well) and just as important in the hiring process … find someone who loves the mountain lifestyle (they are more likely to stay in town). It’s a delicate balance. Respecting their love for the outdoors and allowing them the time to enjoy the benefits of mountain living (the reason they are here) while still maintaining an efficient and productive staff. This will generally only work with a company that has mastered the team approach … it’s just not always possible for the entire company to get out there on a powder day.

Here is a company that looks like they are fully in tune with why people choose to live in Steamboat, offer great benefits and promote from within. Read the creative job posting on a skier forum that I came across the other day … Science Jobs in Steamboat

“We are as flexible with scheduling as possible. Long lunches for bike rides and flexible winter shifts are common. There is a 12” powder clause, but like I stated, if you want to ski every day we can probably accomodate you with a swing shift (starting at 12 or 2pm).

The ideal candidate would be a recent grad (or current ski bum wanting to do something with an aging degree). The individual would be looking for experience to build on, or be career minded as there is always lots of opportunity for promotion.”

Not a bad deal! And pretty funny …looking for a “ski bum with an aging degree”.

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