Ski Instructor

Do you love to ski? Are you good at being able to explain to others how to get started doing it themselves? If so, becoming a ski instructor may just be the perfect position for you! Being a ski instructor can be a rewarding career that lets you work in an area where your passion lies. There are also some perks to the job that make it even that much more enticing.

Ski Instructor Job Duties

As you may already realize, being a ski instructor is going to involve teaching others how to ski. As a ski instructor you may need to do such things as:

• Work with a variety of clients. Some ski instructors teach people of all ages how to ski, while others may focus on various age groups. There are some ski instructors, for example, who may want to stick to teaching children how to ski, while others may focus only on adults. Determining which groups you would like to teach is mainly up to your personal preference and what you are comfortable with. If you work out of a ski resort they may also have input on who you should teach.
• Provide good customer service. Teaching people to ski is going to take patience and good communication skills. You will be working with a variety of people and personalities and need to help the people feel comfortable, as well as be able to break down the information in a manner that they will be able to understand.
• As a ski instructor you will need to be knowledgeable on more than just the act of skiing. Most people will feel comfortable asking you questions about equipment, among other things, and you should be able to offer them tips and advice, or point them in the direction to where they can find the answers they need.
• Ski instructors may need to take and make phone calls, be knowledgeable about other ski programs at the resort, and know safety procedures and rules.

Ski instructors may need to arrange classes and lessons at times that are convenient for the students. Being able to do this will maximize the number of people who can participate in the classes. While some ski instructors work directly for the ski resort, others may be more of a work for hire type of instructor, where they are providing lessons on a freelance basis. Ski instructors who are working independently, rather than being hired as a resort employee, may want to hold their classes at multiple locations.

Those who create their own ski instructor businesses, rather than being employed by the resort, can offer their classes to the public, as well as make arrangements with the resort to offer them through there. When working for yourself, you will have the ability to work at the resort of your choice, providing you live close enough to have more than one option.

What Skills Do Ski Instructors Need?

The skills needed to be a ski instructor are mainly going to be focused on being an expert skier, as well as excellent customer service skills. Being able to make your students feel confident, comfortable, and having patience with them is going to be essential to your success as an instructor. No formal education or training is needed, as the most important criteria is being a good skier who can teach others the process.

The annual salary for ski instructors is going to vary, depending upon where you are teaching, and if you are hired directly by a resort or are working independently. Most ski instructors earn between $29,000 to $35,000 per year, which also depends upon geographic location. Some ski instructors also offer snow boarding lessons in addition to their ski classes. Those who offer their classes independent of the ski resort will want to have some basic marketing classes, so they know how to best go about reaching their customer base.

Getting Hired

Ski instructors will find that in most places in the country their positions are seasonal. They may be able to offer other classes or take other positions during the off-season. Being a ski instructor can be a fun and fulfilling career. It’s one that helps pass on one’s passion to others, teaching them to love and appreciate the sport. It’s also one that can come with some perks, such as free ski lift passes for friends and family. The best way to find a ski instructor job is to demonstrate how good your skills are, combined with an energetic and personable attitude that will help people enjoy their time!

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