Grand Lodge

Grand Lodge Crested Butte in Colorado has as much going on in the summer time as it does in the winter time. While many places in Colorado are known for their great skiing, Grand Lodge Crested Butte is also known for its wide array of summer activates as well.

If you are looking for a summer job and you enjoy the great outdoors, look no further. Grand Lodge Crested Butte has so many outdoor activities that it will make your head spin, such as:

•    Evolution Bike Park: Over 25 miles of downhill extreme biking paths.
•    Lift Rides: When there is no snow on the ground, there is still plenty to see and you can see it all with a lift ride. Take in the view of the gorgeous mountains that surround the area and realize just how beautiful the area can be.
•    Adventure Park: From bungee jumping to rock climbing, Adventure Park is the family place to be in Grand Lodge Crested Butte.
•    Events and Concerts: Bluegrass concerts as well as an unforgettable Fourth of July party make the Grand Lodge Crested Butte resort the place to be in the hot month of July.
•    Arts Festival: Held every year in August, the Grand Lodge Crested Butte plays host to one of the most spectacular art shows in the region.

Add a healthy mix of resultants and other local attractions and you can see why the opportunity for work at Grand Lodge Crested Butte is indeed great.

Working with people in an outdoor environment can be a great way to make a living. If you have been looking for just such a job you can find many opportunities at Grand Lodge Crested Butte in Colorado. You may even find that you want to stay on for the winter, though you will probably come to love the summer.

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