Prettiest Mountain Towns in New England

New England is a northeastern region of the US made up of six states: Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. And in most of these states, you have at least one pretty mountain town that will make you wish you lived in the mountains. If you are already thinking about moving to the mountains, here is a list of the prettiest mountain towns in New England. We hope you enjoy reading our article and that you find your new home among these towns. Also, we can guarantee that you will fall in love with at least one of them. It’s impossible not to.

Stowe, Vermont

This small mountain town is idyllic. You can find it in a valley near the 1339 meter high Mount Mansfield, home to the Stowe Mountain Resort. However, we need to warn you that this town is also called the Aspen of New England. Stowe is a popular destination for Manhattanites, so expect to see them a lot. Except for that, nothing is standing between you and this mountain town. There is plenty of shopping, dining, and outdoor activities that you can experience here. And one of the things that we recommend doing after arriving here is going on a hike on the Pinnacle Trail. It will take you to the summit of the Stowe Pinnacle in the C.C. Putnam State Forest. From there, you will be able to admire stunning views of the surrounding forest and wilderness.

North Conway, New Hampshire

One of the prettiest mountain towns in New England, North Conway, can be found tucked away in the Mt. Washington Valley. It is close to the White Mountain National Forest and about a half-hour drive from Mt. Attitash or Mt. Cranmore. In addition, there are plenty of things that you can do in this town. You can go shopping for almost anything you can think of, have a hot cup of coffee in one of the cafes, or visit the 1874 Boston & Maine railroad station. The station was built in 1874 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It is now used exclusively for touristic purposes, and it has become a crowd gatherer, especially during fall and winter. In the fall, you can enjoy the authentic mountain train experience, while during the winter holidays, you’re in for a treat with The Journey to the North Pole.

conway, new hampshire

Bethel, Maine

This charming little town is close to Boston and the Mahoosuc Range of the White Mountain National Forest. Here you can find lots of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and many more. In addition, there are lots of boutique shops, cafes, bakeries, and restaurants that you can explore alone or with your family. Also, the local museum is a must-see for both locals and tourists. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum showcases collections of unique geological items like minerals and rocks. The majority of them have been discovered in adjacent Western Maine mines, although not exclusively. There are also incredible non-Earth pieces, such as meteorites from Mars, the Moon, or the Asteroid Belt. So, bring the family to this world-class museum to learn about our geological history and the Solar System.

Lincoln, New Hampshire

If you are looking for great fun and plenty of activities in a mountain town, look no further. When visiting this town, you can start by heading to Loon Mountain or Cannon Mountain or going on a nighttime moose tour through the White Mountains. Then you can familiarize yourself with the local adventure park, Alpine Adventures, where you can go with the whole family. Next, you can sip some beer at the local brewery, go shopping, dine in a steakhouse, or take a ride through the White Mountains with a train. Lincoln is one of New England’s most attractive mountain towns that you will want to move to immediately. And it is not that complicated. For an easy relocation to this town, you can hire local movers to help you have a hustle-free move. They can handle the tedious job, allowing you to settle in and enjoy your new life in Lincoln.

town of lincoln

Woodstock, Vermont

You can find this quaint little New England town in the east-central region of Vermont. Woodstock is considered one of the prettiest towns in America, and its residents are among the friendliest and most hospitable. The heart of the village, Green Square, is surrounded by historic churches and restored buildings from different periods. For example, late Gregorian, Federal style, and Greek Revival. Furthermore, Woodstock has no stoplights, and all the local events are advertised on a bulletin board. All this just adds to the town’s rustic feel that charms all its visitors. For a relaxing time in Woodstock, you can walk through the covered bridges, visit the farmer’s market or the Woodstock Historical Society. More fun activities include hiking on Mount Tom and skiing or snowboarding on Killington Mountain. You can also have great fun with the family by feeding the cows at the Billings Farm and Museum.

Bridgton, Maine

If you want to live in a mountain town that has yet to be discovered, Bridgton is the place to be. The population of this little town is just over 5000, which contributes to its rural and laid-back atmosphere. However, this town makes a great winter destination for those who love winter activities. Here you can ski, snowboard, ice skate, ATV ride, and hike. In addition to all the winter activities, there are other fun things to do in town. For instance, you can visit the antique galleries and indie bookstores or admire the murals of Rufus Porter in his museum. Also, you can always take a walk around the town and admire the local architecture. This town hosts many different types of architecture, from Gothic Revival to Italianate and Craftsman. You would just love to live in such a beautiful, historic town.

Hanover, New Hampshire

Hanover, New Hampshire, is your dream destination if you desire a combination of education, cultural richness, and stunning natural beauty. Nestled along the Connecticut River and home to Dartmouth College, Hanover’s charm is as intellectual as it is physical. The Ivy League influence shapes the town’s vibe, from the local Dartmouth Bookstore to the Hopkins Center for the Arts, which regularly hosts many concerts, theater shows, and art exhibitions. This mountain town also offers a fair share of outdoor delights, boasting easy access to the Appalachian Trail and the mesmerizing beauty of the Connecticut River. Furthermore, the Mink Brook Nature Preserve, located at the heart of the town, provides a peaceful retreat for bird-watching, strolling, and picnicking.

The farmers market is an unmissable spectacle, especially during summer and fall, where local growers, artisans, and artisans converge to sell their products, offering a taste of true New England hospitality. During winter, Hanover transforms into a snowy wonderland, with the Occom Pond becoming a favorite spot for ice skating and pond hockey. Equally enticing is the festive atmosphere during Dartmouth’s Winter Carnival, an annual tradition that lures visitors with its ice sculptures, winter sports, and vibrant celebrations. Indeed, with its balanced blend of academia, culture, and outdoor recreation, Hanover is a charming mountain town that appeals to both the mind and the soul. So whether you’re a scholar seeking intellectual stimulation, an artist pursuing inspiration, or an adventurer yearning for outdoor exploits, Hanover’s unique blend of offerings promises an enriching experience for all.

In conclusion

Don’t think twice about moving to one of the prettiest mountain towns in New England. You will have lots of great activities to choose from and beautiful places to see or discover. Mountain towns are ideal for any type of family. Young couples, families with children, as well as the elderly can all live happily ever after in such picturesque places.

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