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Top Ski Resorts Near New York City

When the first snowflakes start hitting the streets of New York City, something screams with joy in every skier and snowboarder. Unfortunately, for most of us that find winter sports a passion that only grows with years, it is unrealistic to expect a 7-day trip to a winter resort more than once a year. Even if we could afford it financially, our work can’t tolerate such long absences too often. But a long weekend is a different story. Therefore, for all the residents of the Big Apple who like the idea of more frequent skiing weekends, here’s a list of top ski resorts near New York City you should check out.

Camelback Mountain Resort – the home of the largest tubing park in America

Just a 2-hour drive from NYC, there’s a true gem among ski resorts that offers a unique winter holiday experience. Apart from 39 trails of various difficulties, this fantastic tubing park is the largest in all of America. It has a disco ball and music, two magic carpet lifts, and 42 excellent lanes. As for accommodation, high-end tourists will find luxurious suits and high-quality restaurants. There are also other amenities, such as a fitness center, a fairly large arcade, and shops. But before and when you get there, ensure you stay healthy so you wouldn’t need a doctor.

Thunder Ridge – one of the top ski resorts near New York City for beginners

This beautiful family-oriented resort is very close, and you can get there right from work on Friday afternoon. It only takes about an hour and a half to reach it from NYC, so it’s the perfect choice when you are short on time. There are 20 trails, many of which are great for beginners but varied enough to cater to the curiosity of those within the intermediate level. Although this resort will not make the best impression on expert skiers, those on the slopes for the first time will love it. There are a lot of very enthusiastic instructors that know what they are doing. Unlike similar close-by resorts, this one is a bit more affordable and well organized. It will make for a perfect family bonding weekend location.

Hunter Mountain – well maintained and entirely covered with snow production 

This resort has it all and keeps it all running like a clock. A reasonably large number of trails here (67), and 13 lifts service them. Skiers of all proficiency levels are welcome because there are trails for everyone, from relatively easy ones to double-blacks for hard-core riders. And on top of all that, perfectionists will be happy to hear that all these trails receive impeccable maintenance. The snowmaking systems work perfectly and have a fantastic coverage of 100% of trails. Snowboarders will also love it here, as there are trails designed for them, and so will the free-style buffs. So, whatever your winter resort preferences are, Hunter Mountain will not disappoint you.

Mountain Creek – fantastic nocturnal skiing experience

Those that prefer long runs but don’t have the time to go too far from the city should book a weekend at Mountain Creek in New Jersey. There are trails here for every type of skier, with a bit more for the intermediate ones. And if you don’t manage to get there in time to hit the slopes by day, you can do it by night. One hundred sixty-seven acres of slopes are illuminated for a nocturnal skiing experience. 

Plattekill Mountain – advanced skiers heaven

Now, here’s a real delight for advanced skiers. To get to Plattekill Mountain from NYC, you’ll need to drive for 3 hours, but that effort is worth it. This mountain’s microclimate provides a large amount of snowfall throughout the year. That fact has earned it the title of the Catskills powder capital. But what makes it especially suitable for expert skiers are the whopping 38 trails for advanced and expert skiers, of which four are double-black. Even though only a small percentage of trails are rated for beginners, there are green runs from each of its summits. And speaking of summits, this resort is trendy for mountain-top weddings. Also, companies often select it for their corporate outing destination. This resort offers so much, so it’s no wonder that its popularity is continuously on the rise. 

Mount Peter – free classes for beginners 

This little resort has something you rarely see anywhere else – free skiing and snowboarding lessons for beginners. It is just an hour’s drive from New York City, so it makes a perfect place to go with your kids when all you have is a single day off. Also, it can be an excellent destination when you are going through relocation. For example, if you are making a long-distance move to NYC, you must be exhausted from the chaos. 

It would be good to team up with the pros that can do the relocation for you to avoid draining yourself and the whole family. Once you hire movers, you can focus on getting your family to like their new environment, and Mount Peter is one place that can help you with that. This resort is not the largest, but it has a bit of everything: several trails for skiers of each level of skill, a nocturnal skiing option, restrooms, and cafes. And all that is a bit more affordable than in other resorts, making it a terrific weekend option.

Mount Snow, Vermont – a resort you’ll need more than a week to explore fully

Mount Snow is the largest among the ski resorts near New York City on our list, with 80 trails, of which 58 are for intermediate skiers. Beginners have an area of their own which makes it a lot safer for them, and yet they can enjoy the mountain properly since there’s an option of a long gentle cruiser going from the summit. The experts also have their zone with ten trails located on the mountain’s North Face. 

The only downside is that you’ll have to make your reservation in advance since the number of daily tickets is limited here this season. Since there’s a lot of snow in this, even in the off-season, you might consider going there in late fall. That way, you will help equally distribute the stress the tourists put on the mountain, which can become extreme during peak season. It’s a unique way to respect the mountain and make it serve its admirers in the best possible way.


Those lucky to reside in the Big Apple don’t have to go far for winter fun. Top ski resorts near New York City offer exquisite winter experiences. Check them all out and spread the love of snow and the mountain.

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