3 Reasons Your Organization Should Be Using Windows 8 Phones

3 Reasons Your Organization Should Be Using Windows 8 PhonesWindows 8 phones introduced a much more complete operating system than many competitors complete with a distinctive interface employing live tiles that had never been seen before. Although Windows 8 phones have features for average consumers, they also have a very complete set of features that will benefit any business or organization. Windows 8 phones should be the choice of professionals and businesses for three clear reasons.

Better Integration with Office Systems

Windows computers and applications are used far more for business than any other operating system. Windows 8 phones can integrate more easily with these types of business and enterprise systems than other devices. The phones even have the native functionality to open and edit documents in the most common Microsoft Office formats. Windows 8 phones also have wireless capabilities that make integrating with cloud services very simple. Additionally, it is easy to port custom programs made with Windows 8 application programming interfaces (APIs) to the phone since the framework is similar.

Powerful Hardware

One of the main advantages of the Windows phones from Bell.ca is the wide range of powerful hardware options available. The operating system is licensed in a way so that phone manufacturers must meet strict hardware requirements. This means every Windows 8 phone can run applications quickly and interface with devices wirelessly. Organizations that are using a Windows 8 phone will have faster access to data and applications. The hardware also allows for seamless multitasking when switching between applications. This makes the Windows 8 phone a very powerful tool for everyday use in a business environment.

Better Collaborative Tools

Windows 8 phones specifically target business organizations by providing functional and innovative tools for collaboration between employees using the devices. The Rooms feature allows multiple users to create a common virtual space. This space can be used to exchange calendars, notes and other data. It also provides a collaborative chat interface so that a single business team can interact between phones from any location. This collaborative functionality can even work with other mobile devices to a limited extent. Windows 8 phones can be used for short-term collaboration while at a worksite or when meeting with consultants.

Many of the other features of the Windows 8 phone like device security make it an attractive choice as well. Organizations should not overlook the level of detail provided in contact lists or the tight social media integration. The Windows 8 phone provides nearly all of the tools necessary to perform the types of business tasks that are common in organizations of all sizes.

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