3 Ways to Look Sharp During a Job Interview

3 Ways to Look Sharp During a Job InterviewIn this competitive job market, it is important for job applicants to look their best in order to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that a person does not have to spend a fortune to look great, but there are some important steps he or she needs to take for a successful interview.

Dressing for the Interview

In general, clothes worn to a job interview should be conservative and understated. Though bright colored accents such as a tie or scarf are acceptable, the primary outfit should be professional looking. As a general rule, a person should dress in clothing appropriate for that specific workplace. For example, a person interviewing for a skilled labor position can wear jeans and a nice shirt, while those interviewing for a job in a bank need to wear a suit. If in doubt as to what to wear, it is better to overdress for an interview than to under dress.

Personal Grooming

Not only are the clothes important for an interview, but a person needs to be well-groomed to look sharp at the interview. A person should hit a barber to get a haircut in the days before the job interview. According to a leading barber in New York City, the haircut will even out a person’s hair and reduce hair fly-aways and other annoyances. A professional shave on the morning of the interview can also be a great idea too. A person should be careful to not wrinkle his or her clothing before attending the interview. If a person must travel a long distance for the interview, he or she may want to consider dressing near the interview site to keep his or her clothes it top condition.

Quick Workout

A large part of looking good depends on feeling good and being confident in oneself. Though a long term exercise routine can provide a number of important health benefits, there are also short-term benefits to working out. On the morning of a job interview, a person should try to get in a brisk workout in the hours before the actual interview. The workout will also help to raise a person’s heart rate, increase oxygen intake and provide a boast to a person’s mental functioning. The natural high that a person feels after exercising will carry on throughout the day and help the person to feel better about his or her self and to perform at their best during the interview.

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