5 Jobs For People Who Like To Work With Their Hands

Find A Rewarding Lifestyle Four Ways To Enhance Your Work Life BalanceThere are a number of people who would rather work with their hands and be active instead of working at a desk all day long. For those who like physical work, there are a number of good job opportunities available. Most of these jobs do require training, but it is usually not classroom type training. Many jobs where people work with their hands are highly skilled professions, and the pay associated with these jobs is often higher than the pay for jobs that require a college degree.


Being a plumber is a great job for a person who likes to work with his hands. Plumbers work in installing complete plumbing systems in new construction, and they are also called upon to make repairs in existing plumbing in both homes and businesses.

Plumbers are usually trained on the job. The first level is an apprenticeship that may last several years. After completion of an apprenticeship, a plumber reaches the journeyman level. A master plumber is the highest level of achievement.

There is always a great demand for plumbers. Companies like Plumbmate are usually on the lookout for qualified individuals to work in their ever expanding businesses.


Chefs are in the news with all of the celebrity chefs on television. This is a good career for those who work with their hands because chefs are continually chopping, slicing and dicing.

Chefs are trained in two ways. Some serve apprenticeships and receive on the job training. Chefs may also be trained in culinary and hospitality management programs at special schools and local community colleges.


Electricians are highly paid, and work with their hands continually installing and repairing wiring and circuitry. They work in new construction and in repair. Many are employed in the heating and air conditioning industry.

Electricians may attended courses that lead to a degree in electrical repair. Like plumbers, many electricians are trained on the job.

Auto Mechanic

Mechanics are in high demand. To be an auto mechanic, a person will need to qualify in several areas of repair with the ASE. Most mechanics receive training either in two year community college programs or at special automotive training institutions.


Carpenters are needed to build homes and do remodeling work. Carpenters are classified as either rough-in or finish carpenters, and they are normally trained on the job through an apprenticeship program.

These are just a few of the many jobs available for those who enjoy working with their hands. These are good paying jobs with a future.

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