Resort Town Recruiting – Hiring In The High Country

People that live in the mountains want to stay in the mountains…

  • didn’t move here for the job (most likely)
  • will perform better at the job if the benefits reflect why they live here (consider some powder days … an extended lunch scheduled in every couple of weeks for a hike or bike break)
  • are not going to accept the really low wages anymore (the 70’s are over)
  • feel that their quality of life in the mountains is worth compromising certain modern conveniences.

Job seekers looking to move to a ski town

  • have had enough of being a weekend warrior
  • lived in a ski town for a season or two and have never stopped thinking about coming back
  • are outdoor enthusiasts looking for a small town in a safe and healthy environment.
  • are aware of the costs and are already researching housing options (we hope)

Those who have never considered a ski town but came across an ad on a large generic job board that starts something like this, “move to paradise…”

  • will think the job sounds incredibly cool until you give them the salary and the cost of housing, say “thanks but no thanks”, and probably think you are nuts.
  • don’t really care that they can ski at lunch
  • wonder why things are happening so slowly
  • ask about life outside of work; wonder “what do people do here?”(my favorite) and “how long does the winter really last?”.

These are just a sampling of the comments I have received from job seekers. There are no guarantees for when and where you will find your next best employee as it takes a diverse recruiting approach for any employer, anywhere, but regardless of the approach, a firm grasp of your target market will certainly help you along the way. Employees who will likely stick around longer not only are specifically looking to make their home in a ski town, but (the good ones) will work harder and respect you more if you in return recognize (like yourself) that they choose to live in a ski town for the wonderfully unique lifestyle it offers. How many locales have the mountains at their doorstep? Probably a good idea to give them some time to get out and enjoy ‘em!

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