Six Jobs with a Flexible Schedule

Six Jobs with a Flexable ScheduleWhen planning a career, it helps to keep in mind that money isn’t the most important consideration. While everyone wants to earn an adequate salary with benefits, it is also important to have a comfortable schedule that doesn’t interfere with family time or other aspects of life. Here are six great jobs that offer flexible schedules.


Teachers for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade work hard, but have an ideal schedule. The typical work day lasts from about 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. at school, with lesson plans, grading, and parent conferences occasionally scheduled during evening hours and on weekends. With a three-month summer break, as well as all major holidays observed – including a two-week Christmas break and a week during the spring – many teachers enjoy their time off to read, travel, or catch up on home repairs.

Computer work

Many jobs can be performed online, especially for companies with global networks, and conducted at the employee’s convenience. Of course, a certain number of hours or specific work-related goals should be planned. People who are early risers or night owls can work at their convenience, leaving plenty of time for other duties or pleasures.

Home-based business

Starting a small business from home may require many hours, but can lead to a flexible schedule, as well. Carpentry, hand-made dolls, carpet cleaning, collecting and trading antiques, and a host of other jobs can be managed on certain days or at specific times that coordinate with the owner’s personal schedule.

Professional cleaning and personal assistant services

Cleaning commercial offices or other people’s homes can be lucrative as well as flexible. Dog-walking, errand-running, and other support services can be scheduled at the worker’s preference, with plenty of “down” time, as needed.

Cosmetic surgery practitioner

A cosmetic surgeon does not have to schedule appointments on a daily or even a weekly basis. Clients can be seen during the practitioner’s scheduling preferences. He or she might see clients several days in a given month, and then take a month or two off, since most Cosmetic Surgery is elective and does not require immediate medical evaluation, treatment, or follow-up.

Freelance writer

Writing for various print or online publications provides convenient scheduling for the writer. He or she can launch queries to publishers as new ideas come to mind, or when motivated to propose new assignments.

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