Six Specific Jobs in the Construction Industry

Though the construction industry around the Indianapolis area may have been slow in recent years, there are still many types of construction jobs that are very much needed and rewarding both financially and emotionally. Here are six of them:Six Specific Jobs in the Construction Industry


No modern home is complete without a well-working plumbing system. The plumber is the professional who installs pipes, fixtures, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets, showers, bath tubs, water filter systems and hooks up the gas lines in a new home or a home that’s being renovated. Plumbers also help maintain and repair plumbing systems for their customers. This can include everything from unclogging toilets to fixing broken faucets to finding and stopping leaks to drain cleaning in Indianapolis. Plumbers can also give their customers tips on energy saving appliances.

Construction Managers

The construction manager oversees the project from the time the ground is broken till the building is finished and ready to be inhabited. The construction manager supervises subcontractors on a project and makes sure that each one works on a schedule and on a specific job. He may also be responsible for paying the subcontractors. Construction managers generally work on-site to make sure they can oversee the day to day decisions that must go into a construction project. Most are self-employed.


The engineer draws up plans for the building and oversees the project along with the construction manager. The engineer will often visit the site to make sure everything is progressing the way it should.


Masons work with brick and stone and are responsible for putting up walls, cladding, chimneys, patios, fireplaces, quoins and window surrounds, pavements, floors and other hardscaping on the property.

Demolition Workers

Demolishing a building isn’t as simple as it looks. A demolition expert needs to be highly skilled and experienced to be able to take a building down safely and into its own footprint. Demolition workers need to work with other construction professionals. They need to study the blueprint of the building then have walls and columns removed and the building emptied before explosives are very precisely installed then detonated.


These professionals install the bare bones of a building including joists, rafters and studs. They also fabricate and install cabinets, counters, doors, wooden siding, window frames and drywall. They also create and install decorative elements like non-load bearing columns and beams and trim. Carpenters work both inside the building and outside of it, so the job can be physically challenging.

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