The Top Six Jobs with the Longest Hours

All pay, and no sleep. If the pay is sufficient, the tasks are rewarding and your life balance isn’t taking a hit, chances are a career shifts into one of these fields may be for you. Take a glimpse of the top six jobs with the most demanding schedules in the modern workforce.The Top Six Jobs with the Longest Hours


After putting countless hours into law school and passing the bar, any law student may believe their first legal job will be a piece of cake. The amount of hours clocked in this field depends on the law practice and geographic location and the amount of after-hours networking involved. Lawyers spend countless hours protecting the community, from representing clients in accident injury lawsuits to protecting and repairing a person’s credit history. Read more about how these services impact people here:


It’s no secret that a doctor’s working hours are around the clock. Most surgeons are called in for emergencies many nights of the week, even after a double shift. Long hours and short staffing are just some of the qualms you may here about at a resident or teaching hospital. Doctors sacrifice sleeping hours for the price of helping and healing the community.

Retail Managers

Retail managers don’t just work long hours, but they also sacrifice holidays to spend time herding customers through the checkout time instead of watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. With the increase of commercial holiday shopping days, retail managers spend long nights and early mornings in their retail stores prepping store displays, dealing with staffing issues and solving customer service complaints.

Media Journalist

With the increase of social sharing and instant news feed, media journalists need to constantly have a pulse on the news beat. Long hours are required for morning and late night reports. With the type of immediate, short deadlines in television, print and online media, most journalists work long hours to cover an event or find a breaking story before the competitor.


Most accountants work in an office during the week, but additionally may need to travel to meet with out of town clients and customers. With the deadline-oriented work environment, some accountants may feel the pressure to work long hours to meet the company or the client’s needs.

Investment Banker

Additionally in the finance world, the Wall Street investor will work long hours to stay up to date on current stocks, trades and current events. These professionals work long and hard hours because there is a lot of money at stake and a lot of potential gain.

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