5 Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

5 Questions to Ask During Your Job InterviewWhile people believe a job interview is a time for an employer to ask all the questions, it’s actually the opposite. The best job interviews are two-way conversations, with interviewer and interviewee engaging in a dialogue that results in each person better understanding the other. Though some interviews are longer and more detailed than others, there are some questions that need to be asked.


Why Do People Stay With the Company?

This is a great question to ask because it makes you look and sound comfortable and confident about your ability to be a good fit for the company. From a psychological standpoint, it also forces the interviewer to reveal something about themselves, letting you see if you are compatible with them.


What Are the Job’s Responsibilities?

Knowing what’s expected of you on the job is crucial, so doing some research regarding specific responsibilities will show an employer you are serious about the job and the company. For example, a person interviewing for a paralegal position with a lawyer who specializes in real estate might ask about certain forms such as a quit claim form found on FindLegalForms.com when inquiring about responsibilities and the job in general.


Is Tuition Reimbursement Available?

This question lets an interviewer know you are looking ahead, and can envision yourself with the company several years down the road. It also shows the importance you place on higher education, and are thinking ahead to possible promotions or other opportunities with the company. An interviewer will also see that by asking this question, you desire to better yourself and become a more valuable asset to the company.


What Trait do the Company’s Best Workers Share?

This can be an interesting question to ask at an interview, and may sometimes put the interviewer on the spot. However, it’s a good question to ask because it lets you know if the company wants workers who are competitive, team players, loyal, trustworthy, dependable or all the above.


How Will the Company Deal With…

Ask a research question that pertains to a current issue with the company, such as a possible merger or a new product in development. This shows your interest in the company while letting the interviewer give an in-depth explanation.


By asking these questions, your chances of being hired can only increase. Do your homework, show interest in the company and make them aware of your expectations during the interview and you should be starting a new job very soon.

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