Three Jobs that Get You Out of the Office and Under the Sun

Whether you have always enjoyed spending your time in the sun or if you are looking for a change from your traditional office workplace, there are a few positions available that can get you out of the office and into the beautiful weather regardless of where you are living. Finding a job that allows you to work outdoors and in the sun as opposed to working in an office environment requires a bit of research and a dedication to landing the position you truly desire. Three Jobs that Get You Out of the Office and Under the Sun

Travel Journalist

If you enjoy traveling non-stop and you want to investigate stories around the world, considering a career as a travel journalist is a must. Oftentimes, working as a travel journalist requires a degree in journalism and experience on the job before being hired in to a full-time position with a newspaper or a well-known magazines or publication. However, it is also possible to work as a freelance travel journalist if you have a website, blog or if you self-publish your own works and books personally.


Working as a landscaper is one way to truly get time to spend in the sun while also earning a living or landing a full-time position. Spending time outdoors as a landscaper is an extremely physically-demanding job but also gives you the opportunity to learn about nature, plants, flowers and different methods of creating yards that have only previously been viewed in your mind or imagination. Getting hired as a landscaper often requires experience, though it is possible to get hired in with a local company. You can also start up your own company as a landscaper with the proper tools, equipment such as commercial aerators and experience.


It is also possible to work as a freelancer in many different fields when you want to get out of the traditional work environment and begin spending your time outdoors and in new locations. Working as a freelancer writer, programmer, editor or even as a construction worker is possible with enough experience, skills and a commitment to finding clients or customers. You can also work for third-party companies depending on your skills when working as a freelance of any kind.

Obtaining a position that allows you the freedom of choice of where you are working should not be taken advantage of, as it is rare and not possible for everyone. Working outdoors while still earning a living is a great way to take advantage of gorgeous weather, traveling and the beautiful world around us.

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