Work at a Resort: 5 Jobs You’ll Enjoy Doing

Rewarding and satisfying jobs are found in the hospitality industry. Not only do you have an opportunity to serve others, but also to make them feel special. With hard word, determination, pleasant attitude and a commitment to succeed, you can experience unstoppable career growth. There are so many areas within the industry from which you can choose, your options are unlimited. You should examine your passion to see where your greatest interest lies. If you decide to work at a resort, here are five jobs you’ll enjoy doing.

Work at a Resort 5 Jobs You'll Enjoy Doing

Front Desk Operator


A front desk operator is one of the first persons a guest encounters. This is a chance to make a positive, first-lasting impression. The position involves greeting guests with a smile, gathering their check-in information and officially welcoming them to the resort. It is usually at this point when guests are happy they came or regret making their reservations.




Many resorts are located at or near the beach. To ensure the safety, security and peace of mind of their guests, they hire lifeguards. Naturally, if you desire employment as a lifeguard, you must be able to swim well because you may be required to save people from drowning. One way to meet this necessary job requirement is to equip yourself with the mandatory skills. A swimming instructor in Houston who is well-qualified and highly capable of this can be found at SwimJim. Members of their professional staff are trained and certified. The facility is reputable and nationally recognized in this field.




The Housekeeping Department is a mandatory aspect of any resort that takes pride in what it does. If it is going to offer exceptional service and high-quality accommodation, cleanliness and orderliness are paramount. As an employee at the facility, you will be afforded the privilege of entertaining guests by giving excellent performance in this regard. When guests step into their rooms, it is always a pleasure to be greeted by a nicely made-up room with everything in place. Promptness of service when the guests have a need is a great asset as well.


Recreational Staff


Enjoying recreational activities is one of the chief highlights for vacationers. To meet this demand, some resorts stage outdoor activities like tennis, horseback riding, poolside entertainment and fun rides. Workers are always needed to man these attractions. This type of work opens doors for meeting new people, interacting with the guests and making sure that they enjoy quality time during their stay.


Golf Instructor


The game of golf is very popular at some resorts. However, many of the guests are not avid golfers, so they want to learn how to play. Here is another grand opportunity to add to someone’s life by giving them a time to remember long after the vacation is over. As a golf instructor, you can be the person who helps make the difference in the acquisition of their golfing skills and techniques.


Jobs in the hospitality field are endless. To advance, however, you must be service-oriented. It’s all about making guests feel welcome, wanted and appreciated.

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