5 Things to Consider if You Choose a Career in The Mining Industry

Working at a mine is certainly a viable career for many people, especially with the great earnings that are possible. However, a mining job is not for everyone, and it is important to consider various facts before making a firm decision on whether or not to pursue a mining career. Here are five things that must be considered in relation to the mining industry.

Mining Jobs Often Require Relocation

Many people fail to realize the simple fact that mining jobs are not available all over the world. Mining jobs can only be found in the mining areas of certain countries, which often means moving for a lot of people. If you are set on a career in mining, you must be prepared to uproot yourself, and possibly your family, to a new city or state.

Mining Involves Long Hours and Little Break

There is precious little off time when you work in the mining industry. Most miners will work 12 hour shifts for 10 to 14 days in a row, before they get a few days off. There is little respite in this industry, with many mining locations being far away from major towns and cities. This means camping at those locations and being away from family for weeks at a time. To stay connected with the outside world though, you may see oil rig satellites by Skycasters.com to help employees keep up on current events, or entertain themselves during the downtime.


Mining is Now a Highly Skilled Industry

The days of anyone picking up after high school and going to the mines are long gone. Mining is a technologically advanced process, which means that workers must be highly skilled.

Miners are expected to be highly skilled in electronics and certain engineering subjects. Without these skills, or any previous experience, it is difficult to get a high paying mining job. It is possible to attend mining school, but that is an additional commitment of time and money.

The Mining Industry Comes with Health Risks

It is foolish to expect a person’s health to be perfectly fine if they are spending long hours in a damp, dark, and dirty mine. Exposure to dangerous substances and chemicals during the mining process means that respiratory problems are common among miners. In addition, the brutal nature of the work can also impact a person’s back and shoulder.

Mining Jobs Pay VERY Well

Despite all those negatives, it is important to remember that mining jobs are very well paid. Many mining engineers will start off with $70,000 a year. This will go up to $80,000 within a couple of years, and can be as much as $100,000 in a decade. These are great salaries, especially when much of the time is spent at mining camps where food and accommodation come at the expense of the mining company.

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