Six Government Careers that Keep You Out of Politics

Six Government Careers that Keep You Out of Politics

If the thought of working for the government is appealing to you, but you do not want to be in politics, there are still avenues that are open to you. Below is a list of six government careers that are promised to keep you out of politics.

1 – Military

As a member of our Armed Forces, you are working for the government and defending the freedoms of the nation’s men and women. Our military men and women are some of the most respected people in all of the nation, and it is a job that will offer you with solid training and benefits. Many plan to serve just one contract, but end up making it a career since they are making a difference.

2 – Engineer

The government is one of the main employers of engineers, and there are many Federal agencies that need these highly sought after services. Whatever discipline of engineering that you are studying, it is highly likely that you can find a job with the government after you earn a degree. Engineering in the US requires a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, as well as accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology.

3 – Contracting Officer

The government buys a lot of stuff, and only a warranted contracting officer can legally obligate the government to spend tax payer dollars. Contracting officers purchase everything from toilet paper to advanced-technology airplanes. It is a job that is marketable in the commercial marketplace, and extremely important. The government requires workers complete a course covering COR roles and responsibilities.

4 – Safety Representatives

The government hires safety personnel to manage the dangerous systems that it employs throughout the world. Many jobs are in support of Department of Defense programs, and they require highly specialized training and degrees. If you would like more information on an educational program that could lead to a job as a safety representative, click here for more information.

5 – IT Specialist

The government has millions of users on its information networks, and they are constantly in need of staff who can keep it safe from threats. Computer skills are in high demand in today’s government. IT specialists generally acquire a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, systems analysis, programming, or a number of other computer-based emphases.

6 – Instructor

The government employs many instructors for the continuing education classes that it offers its employees. Educators who can work with adults are prime candidates for these jobs that are handsomely compensated.

As is evidenced by these six quality jobs above, it is possible to find a quality job with the government that does not have to be involved with politics. Consider working with technology, engineering, the military, or as one of the workers who enforce policy like a safety representative.

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