6 Promotional Items that Will Launch Your Business Into Success

6 promotional itemsHanding out promotional items that are imprinted with your company name and contact details on them is a great way to improve business through word-of-mouth buzz. These six promotional products will help you get your name out there and bring in both repeat customers and new clients.

1. Bags

Reusable bags are one of the most popular promotional products out there right now because they are used on a daily basis by customers at the grocery store, at the gym and everywhere they travel. Many grocery stores now offer incentives like small discounts and coupons to customers who bring their own bags instead of wasting disposable plastic bags. Distribute custom bags imprinted with your company information to get your name out there where people can see it.

2. Pens and Pencils

Despite today’s technological advances, everyone uses pens and pencils on a daily basis. If you want customers to find your information when they need it and spread the word about your business, put it on something they’ll use every day – custom pens and pencils. You will also get word-of-mouth advertising every time someone lends out their promo pen or custom pencil to others.

3. Flashlight Key chains

Flashlight key chains are a popular promotional item because they are useful enough to land on key rings people use every day. Hand out flashlight key chains to provide your customers with a generous and useful gift that will leave them feeling positive about your company. Happy customers are more likely to recommend your business to friends and relatives.

4. Calendars

Calendars are a great promotional option that give customers a useful way to find your phone number when they need it. You can have HALO personalized wall calendars imprinted with your logo and contact information, which will then provide people with a way to reach you when they are ready to do business with your company again.

5. Water Bottles

Custom water bottles offer customers a convenient gift they’ll use every time they go out – garnering repeat exposure for your business. Choose bottles you know you’d use on a daily basis to make sure the ones you hand out see regular use. Everyone will make use of a great water bottle.

6. Lunch Totes

Cooler style lunch bags and totes are a great way to get your company name out there among other businesses. Distribute promotional lunch totes and enjoy the upswing in business you’ll see when customers are exposed to your brand and company information every day when they eat.

Employing the right promotions can help to make your company successful while impressing your current and future customers.

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