Mountain Bikes and Insurance Must Go Hand In Hand

Most people probably conjure up the image of a particularly care free individual when they consider the average mountain biker, but unfortunately, in this day and age, not too many of us can afford to be too carefree about our favorite pursuits. Mountain biking certainly appeals to a specific type of individual. Those interested in testing themselves on trails and through woods normally have a bit of a playful or risk taking side to their nature, but no matter how hard they are prepared to push themselves and their bikes, they need to be able to put the bike back together again at the end of a long day pushing the limits!

Is Your Bike Up To The Challenge?

Electric mountain biking can be great fun, but it can be an extreme pursuit. A true mountain bike experience often involves pushing the bike to the extremes of its capabilities. Heavy impacts on the front forks are the normality, with a good rider working the suspension of the bike all the time. Tree roots can do damage for pedals, chain sets and rims, while a heavy fall on a fast descent can do all sorts of damage. None of this is written to put people off from the pursuit. With the necessary safety equipment, off road mountain biking can be a great sport, but it’s important to recognize that the bike is going to be punished, and if you are going to take this approach, it’s so important to have really good bike insurance in place.

Affordable Insurance

Thankfully, good insurance does come cheap. If you search for Protect Your Bubble mountain bike insurance you should find some great prices for pretty comprehensive cover. We’re not just talking about damage suffered through fast and dangerous trail descents either. Mountain Bikes are often the target of thieves, and a fast acting thief can be away with your bike in a split second. Mountain bikes are also hard to get back if they are stolen. There’s nothing that stands out like a license plate, so if the thief decides to keep the bike rather than sell it, there’s often nothing you can do to track it down. According to Bike Shepherd, there are some steps to take to help you find your bike, but surprise surprise, the third thing in their list is to contact your insurance company! This just goes to show how crucial bike insurance is.

Good Protection

You’ll also find that most insurance companies will protect you against all of these things whilst riding abroad too. This means if you have any problems abroad you can deal with your issues quickly and easily through the insurance company you are used to dealing with.

Water Way to Damage Your Bike!

Finally, an article in Bicycles Stack Exchange recently asked the question as to whether or not you can damage your bike by washing it with a hose. Quite simply, if anyone even has to ask the question, we feel it incredibly prudent that mountain bike insurance be as high up as possible on this year’s Christmas list!

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