Five Business Ideas For the Self Employed

Five Business Ideas For the Self EmployedYou’ve decided to join the ranks of the self employed. Congratulations! You are your own boss. However, your success rests on you. It’s time to sink or swim. Take advantage of five business ideas to choose a business, keep it afloat, and make sure you remain “steady as she goes.”


How About Lawn Care?

Home and business owners need to do everything possible to keep up appearances. They want to create an attractive exterior that is pleasing to the eye and well-maintained. Offer lawn care extraordinaire. Lawn mowers can really make your life easier when you are keeping property in tip-top shape.


Bottle Returns: A Little Bit of Loose Change Really Adds Up

Take advantage of a true gold mine in the business of bottle returns. It’s simple to get started, using your garage or renting a low-cost building. You’ll need boxes to separate your glass and your cans. Set up tables to collect the bottle returns from customers, put on a pair of gloves, and count carefully as you start tossing bottles into the bins. Your customers will love the service and convenience. Meanwhile, you’ll get paid extra for each can that you return.



Think Coffee and Sweet Treats

If you enjoy baking, why not open a cafĂ©? Include a variety of sweets and hot beverages. Make it simple by including a self-serve option with a single-cup brewer and a variety of beverages that come in single servings. Your customers will pop their own selections in the brewer, there’s less worry about hot water spills, and you can devote your attention to providing the goodies. People love to indulge their sweet tooth and get a caffeine fix!



Life Has Gone to the Dogs!

How about becoming a dog walker? Many people do not have the time or aren’t physically able to give their dogs regular exercise. You’d be surprised at how many will take advantage of your services to pamper their pooches, get them in the fresh air, and avoid accidents in the house. You can also consider pet sitting for more opportunities.


Open a Daycare

There’s always going to be a need for child care. If you love children and have the space, consider opening your own daycare. You can provide excellent care for little ones while families are off to work. Find out details about insurance and any training requirements that you may need first.

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