A Trait or a State? Five Strategies to Improve Your Sales Skills

A Trait or a State, Five Strategies to Improve your Sales SkillsFrom call centers to mall kiosks, sales are what drive the economy. But how can you shed the role of consumer and put yourself in the mind and suit of a professional salesperson? How can you boost your performance, improve your communicative skills and reach a greater understanding with your clients and customers? Here are five ways to better yourself in sales.

1. Understand the Psychology of a Sale

What makes you buy something from a sales associate? What state of mind are you in, and what emotions trigger your acquiescence? The standard model for making a sale is controlling the the conversation, compelling the buyer to make a purchase, and then securing a commitment to seal the deal. Understanding this decision-making process of these three “C”s is the key to unlocking your sales potential and getting that commission every time.

2. Refine Your Articulation

Does your brain work too fast for your mouth? Do you stammer and sweat when you fumble over your words? You aren’t alone. Many adults suffer from basic articulation problems where they have difficulty expressing themselves. The good news is that it’s possible to entirely overcome mush-mouth through a combination of practice, breathing techniques, volume exercises, an so on.

3. Control Your Body Language

You only have one chance to make a first impression, and in the sales industry, those first thirty seconds can make or break the entire deal. Work on things like smiling, nodding and holding yourself in a confident yet relaxed manner. In front of customers, you’ll want to strike a balance between authoritative and approachable, friendly, but not overbearing.

4. Employ Fallback Phrases

While it’s important not to sound rote during a sales exchange, there are times when stock phrases can really come in handy. If a client insults you, for example, or if they’re growing upset and you don’t know how to handle it, you don’t want to be left gaping at them while your mind is completely blank. Memorize a few conciliatory phrases that you can draw out of your reserves when you’re otherwise lost for words.

5. Listen to the Experts

How do the pros do it? Attend their workshops, submerge yourself in their books and follow their step-by-step processes for making yourself a leader in the sales industry. Look for people who are still in the field or websites that actively promote the sales industry. For example, you can find career advice and browse sales job listings on salesvacancies.com. That’s two steps instantly taken to a better future in sales.

Whether you’re working on your pitch or learning how to control your core, the journey to becoming a top-notch sales representative is one that never stops. You should always seek to improve yourself. Use these tips to build a better version of you.

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