Six Benefits of Going Back to School During your Career

In recent years, American society has become very transient. People are always on the move changing homes, cars, friends, lovers and jobs. When it comes to career development, individuals are only staying at their jobs for an average of about 6 1/2 years. The fact is people change jobs frequently.

In order to keep up with trends in the modern day work environment, it is incumbent on individuals to seek out ways to stay competitive with the competition. One way to achieve this is to continue some form of education even after a career has been launched. With the advent of online degrees and night classes being offered, the ability to attend school while working has become easier. Here are six ways you can benefit from additional education while working.

Increased Value to Current Employer

Any additional education you can obtain can be of tremendous value at your current job. Most employers view education as knowledge and knowledge becomes expertise. As you further your education, you employer may feel compelled to increase your workload or offer you a raise/promotion. Some employers may be willing to pick up the tab.

Increased Marketability to Outside Organizations

Many times, jobs are only as secure as the companies themselves. In difficult economic times, it is invaluable to have a larger skill set in order to increase your marketability in the job market in the event you find yourself suddenly unemployed.

Keeping Up With Technology

Most online degree programs will expose the student to the latest technology for that chosen field. Knowledge of the latest technologies is becoming a critical tool for job security and is something that brings great value to your current employment. For example, new computer technology is constantly being experimented with and developed. If you earn a NJIT Masters in Computer Science online, you’ll be able to learn more about new and current techniques while working full time at your job.

Exposure to New Occupations

If you find yourself unsatisfied in your current job occupation, you can use the additional schooling to establish knowledge is an unrelated field, perhaps one you find more appealing and fulfilling. It’s hard to change job fields without education or experience, so having a recent degree to back you up will be a be advantage.

Job Opportunities Through Online Educators

After finishing a degree program online, the educator often provides access to exclusive job opportunities offered only through that program. This could expose you to job opportunities you never knew existed.

Increase in Self-Confidence

Studies have shown that individuals with more education are generally more self-confident about their ability to have success on the job. Just having that advanced degree may give you the extra oomph you need to take initiative and compete for a promotion or a big project.

With so many more individuals attending college, the current workforce needs to be looking over their shoulder. Additional education is always a good way to stay competitive in the workplace.


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