Dream Job: How to Stay Fit and Active in Your Career

Do you enjoy staying active? If so, you may want to think twice about the career that you choose. In fact, you may want to choose a career that will allow you to be fit and active instead of chained to your desk. Fortunately, not all jobs in today’s economy are sedentary jobs. This is especially true for jobs in the fields of health care and education. If you have a passion for fitness and physical health consider these jobs to keep you fit all year long.

Dream Job How to Stay Fit and Active in Your Career

Health Benefits Of An Active Career

Individuals that work primarily at a desk have an increased risk of developing back problems, eye strain issues, obesity, and cancer. Once study found that people with desk jobs are in fact heavier than their non-sedentary peers. Another study done in Australia found that men with sedentary jobs were more than twice as likely to be obese and their peers with non-sedentary job, and women with sedentary jobs were likely to be at least 20 pounds heavier after a decade of work then their peers with non-sedentary jobs.


Changing Economy, Changing Needs

There has been a shift in today’s economy away from non-sedentary jobs towards office related jobs. However, the two most rapidly growing areas of work are in health care and teaching. Both of these jobs are non-sedentary. This means that you can have a great career and stay fit and active too.


Health Care Jobs

Some types of non-sedentary health care related fields include nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and even physicians. Not only do nurses complete paperwork, but they also move patients, wheel equipment around, and take apart diagnostic devices. In addition, nurses are often on their feet for great lengths of time.


Education Jobs

While educators might be at their desks for some time, they also walk around to supervise students, work to make the classroom appear well and move students from place to place. Educators that work in a laboratory environment may get even more exercise.


Health and Education

If you enjoy both fields, you may want to consider a career in coaching or athletic administration. This way, you can teach and stay active at the same time. Coaching will give you a chance to remain active and fit while encouraging students to do the same. Your administrative duties will also allow you to teach and mentor the next generation of students. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you might want to take a look at Ohio University Masters in Coaching and Athletic Administration.


With all the different fields out in the economy today, you are sure to find a job that can utilize your physical health while still providing a paycheck. Consider these different types of jobs and look into what skills you can offer to the workforce.

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