Five Career Choices That Will Help You Get Involved With Energy

Five Career Choices That Will Help You Get Involved With EnergyWith oil and gas companies involved in major production in many parts of the globe, field technicians are needed to ensure that the heavy machinery used in these operations remains up and running as much as possible. Because on-the-job training is provided for the majority of these positions, a great deal of formal education isn’t necessary in order to be hired.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are already in great demand in the energy industry and the field shows no signs of being saturated. Those who are interested in learning more about this occupation should visit for information on educational opportunities and employment forecasts. A college education is generally required for entry level positions in the engineering field.

Quality Assurance and Control Inspectors

Politicians, environmentalists, shareholders and the general public have all been putting pressure on energy companies lately to minimize accidents that result in environmental damage. These inspectors make certain that companies are following safety procedures and are not cutting corners that could cause harmful accidents. This field is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as energy companies face even more pressure from various factions to keep their operations as safe as possible.

Power Plant Operator

Power plant operators have the responsibility of making certain the customers of power companies receive a steady and adequate supply of energy. Those interested in pursuing this line of work will most likely have to obtain a two-year vocational degree and should be proficient at solving problems and working with people. Job opportunities in this field are expected to rise substantially in coming years.


Line-workers repair and install transmission devices such as cables and wires. They work in high-voltage environments and therefore need to be proficient at paying attention to detail in order to prevent accidents. Lineworkers also work outdoors in all sorts of weather and are on their feet frequently. Significant growth is expected in this field as well as in most other energy-oriented occupations.

Those wanting to secure their futures can’t go wrong by pursuing educational opportunities that will allow them to work in the energy industry.

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