Six Things All Great Leaders Have in Common

If you have ever worked under a great leader, then you probably noticed that great leaders exhibit certain qualities. Whether you believe great leaders are born or made, there are definitely things all great leaders have in common. Here is a list of six common traits in successful leaders.

Six Things All Great Leaders Have in CommonHave a Vision

All great leaders have a vision. With that vision comes the ability to see the big picture. Once that vision is established, a great leader can figure out how to change a company, organization or business to make that vision a reality. In that sense, good leaders make things happen instead of just talking about them. Having a vision isn’t quite enough, however. Leaders must also sell their vision to their followers. They must make their idea tangible and accessible enough that others support their plan and execute it properly.

Empower Employees

Great leaders spend their time empowering their employees. They push them to learn new information, take workshops, get certifications and move up the chain of command. They value their employees in a way that makes the employees want to work hard and succeed, increasing both their confidence and their abilities. They are there to mentor their employees and help them achieve success.

Are Engaged Learners

There is no substitute for curiosity and engagement. All great leaders must seek out the most up-to-date and relevant information for their business or initiative. For business leaders, this could mean getting an advanced degree, like a project management master’s degree online. Great leaders must be knowledgeable in their chosen fields and trained for their positions. This makes it much easier for employees to respect them and the decisions they make.

Understand Team Building

Since many positions today require people to work together to get a job done, great leaders understand the importance of team-building exercises and events. Some great leaders promote healthy competition in the workplace to promote team building while others send their employees on retreats or to workshops to practice team-building exercises. Even team lunches or company outings can help build the camaraderie that is critical to synergy in a company. Regardless of the method, a true leader understands the team must work well together for everyone to be successful.

Possess Common Sense

While great leaders are usually well-educated, they also possess something that not everyone has. They have common sense. Leaders have to make a lot of decisions that affect their jobs and the people that work for them. When they make decisions or create new plans and strategies, they take a common-sense approach. They have the ability to take the formal education they received and combine it with common-sense solutions to make rational decisions.

Are Self-Confident

All great leaders possess self-confidence. They are confident in their abilities, and it shows in their work. This self-confidence often leads to a positive attitude in the workplace, and instills their employees with trust in the goals and visions of the organization. Doubt can seep into a company and create dissension and a fractured vision. Self-confidence in leaders and the ability to transfer that confidence to others is critical to the infrastructure of organizations and businesses.

With great leadership comes great responsibility. They must be ready to rise to the occasion each and every time. Their actions and decisions resonate throughout their organizations, so they must have the intelligence and wherewithal to navigate both internal and external obstacles to the organization.

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