Five Great Jobs for the Fix-It Man

A fix-it man usually accumulates a large number of skills while performing repairs. These skills can include knowledge of tools, building codes and different materials. Fix-it men must also have good communication skills when explaining repairs or assessing problems. This collection of skills can be used in many other careers. There are five great jobs available for a fix-it man.Five Great Jobs For The FixIt Man


A good job for a skilled fix-it man is superintendent of a building. Superintendents are in charge of keeping apartment buildings or entire complexes running properly. This includes making all types of repairs from rewiring electrical lines to replacing plumbing fixtures. Superintendents also coordinate with outside professional services for larger jobs.

Building Inspector

All of the knowledge a fix-it man has accumulated can be put to good use as a building inspector. Building inspectors look at every aspect of a home or office to make sure every part is safe and in compliance with local regulations. A fix-it man will know exactly what to look for in order to detect whether there are problems that need repairs. The job requires some travel. There are both private and municipal building inspector positions available.

HVAC Specialist

A fix-it man is uniquely qualified to become a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) specialist. For example, by specializing in heating and AC in Indianapolis fix-it men will gain the skills to size, inspect, repair and install complete systems. Specialists like those at AirAbility HVAC perform tasks like sealing ductwork, replacing electrical components and repairing motors. Fix-it men already have many of the skills necessary to work on the wide range of HVAC systems in homes today.

Construction Supervisor

Fix-it men who want to take on more responsibility while still applying previous knowledge can become construction supervisors. These individuals manage teams of workers during new construction or repairs. The responsibilities include making sure everyone is performing work according to code and ensuring deadlines are met. Construction supervisors must also help during some jobs and solve problems in the moment while at the worksite. This can be a very rewarding career.

Industry Sales Representative

Fix-it men who have an extensive knowledge of tools, techniques and construction materials can become industry sales representatives. Sales representatives are people who sell tools to businesses or retailers. A fix-it man has all the experience necessary to talk about the value of certain tools or features. Some even perform demonstrations for clients. Certain fix-it men might find this position very attractive because it involves a large amount of customer interaction.

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