First Interview: Essential Tips for Your First Impression

sharp dressedWhether you’re a first-timer or a professional, job interviews can be nerve-racking for anyone. But it’s important to put your game face on and show (not just tell) employers why you’re a perfect fit for their company. Employers see hundreds of applicants and their resumes for every open position. When it comes to narrowing down their decision, they’ll look for anything that makes you unqualified. That’s why it’s necessary to make a great make first impression in your interview. For you first-timers, take a look at some of our tidbits to help you prepare for the big day.

Appearance Is Everything

Obviously, the way you look during an interview is the first thing employers will remember. So you want to be well-groomed. Good hygiene is a definite must! Take a shower and make sure to have clean teeth and fresh breath. Hair must be neat, combed and pulled away from the face. Men, this also includes facial hair. So don’t go into the interview without putting some shaving cream and a razor to that five o’clock shadow. Using professional and quality products, such as those provided by The Art of Shaving, will help you to obtain the best possible shave.

Professionalism Is Always Key

Unless your interviewer tells you beforehand, you can never go wrong with business casual. Ladies, that means a collared, button-up blouse (not T-shirt material), blazers (optional) with slacks or a knee length skirt. No denim! Closed-toed shoes are always best. But with business casual, it’s okay to hear a peep-toed shoe. For the men, a collared, long-sleeved shirt, slacks or khakis with closed-toed dress shoes, and professional tie are all essentials. Shirts must be tucked in. Business professional (for men and women) definitely requires a blazer and slacks or a business suit with closed toed dress shoes (not backless).

Be Prepared

Do your research. Before you get to the interview, be sure to research the company with which you are interviewing. More than likely, your interviewer will ask you what you already know about the company or what you like about it. Plus, it never hurts to ask a question or two. Another way to be prepared is to show up at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled interview time. You want to make sure that you are never late for an interview.

Remember, there are many applicants with similar backgrounds. Your goal is to stand out and make employers remember you (in a good way)! By looking great, being prepared, and demonstrating professionalism, you will be sure to get the job that you want.

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