Can’t Pick A Major? 5 Majors That Prepare You To Make The Big Bucks

Can't Pick A Major 5 Majors That Prepare You To Make The Big BucksSome students may be unsure where to attend college or what to study there; this is a frustrating experience, particularly when peers seem to have their futures all mapped-out well before college applications are due. Students that find themselves in a quandary regarding prospective career paths need not worry; in fact, some might consider these undecided few to be in the best possible position to select majors with greater earning potential than those students that have their minds made up well before graduation.

When considering future options and potential majors in college programs, it might be helpful to know which jobs are considered to be among the higher-paid and most desirable according to the experts. Some of the job titles and opportunities found are directly tied to a degree program, and some may require post-graduate level work within that major to be qualified or ready for the high-paying position. When contemplating academic choices, consider these five majors to be among those that will earn students a chance at jobs paying the “big bucks”


Those majoring in healthcare related fields, such as nursing, chemistry, biology, will likely be in the best position to move toward medical degrees to become doctors, anesthesiologists, dentists, psychiatrists, and surgeons.


Healthcare administration is on the rise, and hospital CEO’s make well in excess of six-figure salaries. Students majoring in public administration and healthcare administration may be on the fast-track to such jobs.


A lot of opportunity awaits Engineering graduates, in Petroleum Engineering positions, flight engineering roles, and jobs as pilots.


Marketing programs are a hot major and many students may integrate IT skills to create online marketing ideas and tools that help private corporations, advertising agencies, and major businesses. Marketing, finance, and sales are related and managerial positions within this field could promise lucrative job opportunities as well.


Legal degrees lead to high-paying jobs as attorneys and specialized lawyers may find even more success. Criminal Justice and Para-legal undergraduate degrees are good stepping stones to law school.

Depending on the number of years the student wants to spend in school, there may be some variation to titles or job descriptions. However, for those that are not predestined to enter a particular field, it makes sense to take a holistic approach to college searches and look at those fields that may have the most job opportunities available for graduates, as well as which ones will pay the best.

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