Household Manager, Jackson, Wy!

Nanny job, full time, managing the home and helping with the children, excellent benefits and perks and based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

We are looking for a household manager for our busy home in Jackson, WY.  The job involves:

* Light housekeeping: mostly dishes and continual straightening up of
rooms, putting away clothes and toys, some vacuuming as needed. We have
a house cleaner 2x/week for heavy cleaning.
*Healthy Cooking: Strong cooking skills are a big plus. You would be preparing full meals or components of meals that can be popped in the oven or on the grill that evening.
* Laundry: spotting kids’ clothes as they spill food! and keeping the laundry moving. Our housecleaner ‘backs up’ on the overflow, and generally she does the majority of the linens.
* Shopping: Picking up groceries and suppplies, as well as maintaining a list of what is needed in the house.
* Help with the kids: Taking kids to activities like swimming classes, Art
Class, Kindermusik for example, and overseeing playdates an
average of twice a week.  As we will be homeschooling it would be great if our nanny was interested in this, and able to help with planning and executing age appropriate learning.

We both have flexible jobs and want to spend a lot of time with
our children, so the job entails ‘managing the home’ as much as, if not
more than, watching the kids. We are seeking someone joyful,
detail-oriented and physically fit, who will reinforce the Christian influence we strive to convey to our children.

Just to be perfectly clear, this is not a nanny job where you will hang
out with the kids watching TV and talking on the phone with your
friends! A ‘day care’ mentality of just ‘watching over’ the kids is NOT
sufficient! Our household manager will work with us to give our children the most nurturing, encouraging, invigorating childhood we can create. If you see nannying as popping in a DVD for the kids when the parents leave the house, this is not the job for you.

Mom is present more than not, so this is a ‘team player’
position, and good friendly people skills with us are needed, too.
For the pay and benefits we offer (great housing in a pricey rental
market, some neat travel opportunities, car, phone, and the potential for a generous bonus), we expect you to be available for 45 hours per week. Typical previous nanny schedule was M, W, F 8 AM to 6 PM and T, Th 11-9 PM .
* We travel frequently – our nanny keeps roughly the same work hours
then – we have a second home in Scottsdale, AZ . Separate living
quarters typically provided. Helping us pack / unpack and “settle in”
is one of the required ‘chores’ of the job.
* While children are resting, our nanny assists with “household projects” such as packing up off-season clothes, organizing projects to do with the children, hanging a picture if they can swing a hammer, reorganizing a kitchen cabinet, etc.

To apply to this job opportunity please email resume to Steve at [email protected]

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  1. I am curious on whether you are still seeking to fill this position. I am moving back to Jackson Hole the beginning of November and looking for a nanny/teaching job. Your requests sound great! I have been a nanny for the last four years to a family of which I moved out to Jackson Hole with last summer. I came back home for a few months to be with family, but am returning soon.

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