How to Find a Job on Craigslist

One of the many benefits of the internet is that it has made life easier in so many aspects and job hunting is one of them. It is a cheap and a trouble free method for the employers and the response rate is usually higher. There are a few tricks from a professional craigslist ad poster through which you can secure a job in no time but before you apply for a job make sure that it is legitimate.

How Can You Tell that the Job Posting is Legitimate?

  • Try to discuss on call before sending your resume. Sometime ad posters do this to gather email list for email marketing purpose.
  • The first thing to notice when it was published. Usually the employers find their ideal worker within one week. If the post is older than two weeks then it is probably a scam.
  • Ads with phone numbers are usually legit Jobs.
  • Don’t give your private and personal information to anyone at any cost. If you feel that the employer is pushing you too much to give out your bank account information or your online social media, then do not fall for it because it is definitely a scam.
  • Do your research on the company and learn what it does as much as possible. Use your stalking skills and don’t shy away from asking them details about their company.
  • If you think that the employer is being unprofessional in terms of discussing terms and demands then trust your gut feelings. Perhaps it is a scam. To make sure that you are right simply ask the employer to give your contract in writing to make things official.

Now that we’ve enlisted all the major dangers that you can face while applying for a job, we should move on to the main course of our article:

How to get a job on Craigslist in 5 simple Steps?

  1. Locate the email address of the employer. Usually the address is given within the ad, but if not, then there is usually a reply button at the top left corner of the ad. Just click on it and contact the employer.
  2. After clicking on the reply button a default mail would open. If the email address is given within the body of the ad then just copy and paste it into an empty mail box.
  3. Now the most important part of any mail is its components. Make sure that you write a short and brief email that doesn’t include too many details. Keep it simple and specific. Discuss the job, attach your resume and requested samples (if any), your proper credentials, and send it to the employer. If he is interested then he’d contact you.
  4. Do not demand too much. Once the employer has made contact with you regarding the job, it is okay to bargain a bit about your payment, but it is not okay to push the matter to hardly. For an employer, you are replaceable.
  5. After everything is finalized make sure that you get your legal documents in place. Like mentioned earlier, demand your contract in writing. All of the paperwork should be in a form to be challenged in a court if need be.

Conclusion: If you are confident about your qualifications and you have what the employer is seeking, you can land a job. If you follow all of the tips that are mentioned here – if you are careful about choosing the right job and if you compose your mail cautiously, then your chances of getting a job increase. Do not fall for scammers. As a craigslist ad poster trust me there are soo many scammers out there to create email list for email marketing. Often they are easy to spot. They wouldn’t spend too much time sticking with you if they can’t seem to compel your personal information out of you. Follow the guide lines I mentioned above to avoid them. Once you have applied, you can relax and let your potential future employer contact you.      

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