Looking For A Lifestyle Change But Not So Sure Where To Go – Find Your Spot

Every now and then you start to think about how great it would be to just be … somewhere else. Nothing wrong with exploring your options, but sometimes even the thought of moving can be overwhelming.

Have you ever been to Find your Spot? If you are thinking about moving, but not so sure where to go, check it out. It is a simple quiz that will make you think a little bit more about what your priorities really are in choosing a place to live. They ask you a series of questions about what your preferences are in regards to climate, arts/culture, education, housing, recreation, lifestyle, geography and religion to come up with about twenty detailed profiles of towns that may be worth looking into. My list had quite a few places located in Oregon and Vermont. Actually, my favorite town back east was on the list, Middlebury, Vermont. I spent many summers as a kid in Middlebury, and loved it. Take the quiz. It’s informative and it’s free!

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