Quality Of Life – And What It Means To You

Considering a major lifestyle change?

  • Will the school systems play a major role in your decision process? Is a college campus nearby a plus? Looking for a small town with a low crime rate?
  • Prefer anonymity? How do you feel about a hometown where just about “everyone knows your name”?
  • Love the outdoors? … And is it high time that you live less than 10 minutes from the trail? Skiing? Hiking? Biking? Kayaking? Climbing?
  • Will taking a couple of ski runs at lunch allow you to be more effective, and happier at your job, or will this be too distracting, and cause you to be less productive? Are you more of a weekend warrior?
  • Do you tend to see your extended family on a fairly regular basis? Is this an important aspect of your day to day life? .
  • Theatre? Movies? Art Galleries? Restaurants? Concerts? How much diversity are you looking for in the arts and cultural arena?
  • Money and the cost of living? How much money do you feel you need to live comfortably? Is it more important for you to live in a large, beautiful home in a place with a reasonable cost of living, or would you be just as happy in a smaller, more modest space as long as you are finally living in the place where you have always dreamed of living?

These are just a handful of questions to consider when making the move … Every geographical location will have its pros and cons whether it’s a city, suburb or small ski town. The key is in finding a place that will best suit you.

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