Tie the Knot: 8 Things to Consider When Having a Wedding in the Mountains

Wedding days are one of the most special events a person could ever have- especially for brides. A wedding is a celebration for both the groom and bride and shows support for the love they share as they decide to tie the knot. Some weddings are celebrated simply, while some are very extravagant.

As time passes by, various wedding celebrations ideas and themes have also evolved. People are now more open to have a celebration that is not in line with the traditional weddings wherein the groom wears a tuxedo while the bride wears a beautiful white dress in churches. Nowadays, people have the freedom of having their wedding even at the top of a mountain!

Celebrating outside has a lot of perks! The bright blue sky, the romantic breeze of air, eye-catching view, the decorations. But that’s not just how easy it is to have a wedding celebration outside. A lot more things can happen in an outdoor wedding than indoors. So, if you want to know things you must look into to help lead your wedding into a sweet exchange of I do’s, and guests are comfortable, read down below.

Skip the High Heels

High heels are the common shoes that women wear during special events, like weddings. But, if the wedding location does not have a flat floor that women could easily walk or move onto, then skip wearing the heels. Let your guests, including you as the bride, walk with sneakers or boots if they have. If someone shows up in heels, you could distribute some plastic heel protectors that would help them when their shoes start sinking in the soi.

Wearing flats on a mountain is one of the best decisions you could ever make. Trust me; everyone will struggle walking with heels in a place where the flooring is not even, and some parts of the soil could also be prone to breakage. In this way, you will also save your guests from facing accidents from wearing heels at the top of the mountain.

Always Secure Your Decorations

Decorations are an important element in creating a beautiful aesthetic theme for a wedding. But, if you will get married in the mountains, it’s best to keep everything simple and realize that the mountain is the best backdrop you could ever have, especially that it’s already naturally beautiful, it’s also free.

With the decorations, make sure that they are secured. Ensure that each decoration or accent that was placed for the venue is strong enough to withstand strong winds since it tends to be windy in the mountains. Also, avoid using light materials as they could also be easily taken away by the wind. Don’t worry too much about decorations and let the landscape of the mountains shine. For some great ideas on where you could celebrate your wedding, check out the best venue Newcastle has to offer for more ideas.

Monitor the Weather

No couple would want to get married; then suddenly everyone gets soaked wet because it suddenly rained, and the worst-case scenario could be people could also get sick or catch flu.

The best way to be safe from any weather changes during your special day, try utilizing some weather apps. Weather apps are up to date and could give you relevant information if possible rain could happen, indicating that it is not a great day to continue with the celebration. Do your research, and you may also want to look up the perfect locations for taking photos.

Wear a Proper Outerwear Wardrobe

Dresses would look good at weddings, but if your day has some rocky or wet areas, your gowns will only get dirty, and it will be harder for your guests to move. Allow your guests to wear any comfortable clothing, but that is still decent to be worn at a wedding. Of course, your guests should not outshine the beauty of the bride’s wedding gown. Bringing a shawl, weather, or even a raincoat could be the best option in times like this.

Get a Fondant Cake

What’s a wedding without cakes, right? Wedding cakes have been a traditional part of any wedding and are usually seen as something that brings good luck to the couple. So, in choosing a cake for an outdoor wedding, get a fondant cake. Fondant cakes are durable in places that are hot and humid. Although it tends to be more costly, a fluffy buttercream cake would usually turn runny and melted when exposed to heat.

Prepare the Seats

Seats are important even if you are celebrating in the mountains. Communicate with the head of your venue to create an assigned seat for the guest; in this case, you could limit the conflicts that could affect your big day. Do not allow old people or even pregnant women to stand for too long during the ceremony.

Hire a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographers are a must when you celebrate your big day! They are the ones who will capture every special moment in your day and provide you with the clips you needed from your ceremony. Getting a professional wedding photographer will surely help you preserve your memories and capture one of the best shots while outdoors.

Prepare a Plan B

Getting married under the blue sky makes it more prone to lots of happenings. A backup plan is necessary in case some instances will happen that are totally out of control. Although it will be an additional cost, backup plans like preparing a tent and space coolers are worth the investments.


When wedding bells start ringing for a happy couple, everyone gets happy and excited. Thus, wherever it may be held or whenever it is, it’s best to be always prepared for any instances. You may refer to the information above if you wish to have a wedding in the mountains!

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