Mountain Proof Your Work Place: 6 Tips For Guaranteeing Your Office Can Withstand The Weather

While business owners in Iowa or Nebraska may not have to concern themselves with these issues, running a company in a mountainous region can be a challenge. This is especially true for major cities that receive plenty of snow, such as the Denver Metro Area and Pittsburgh, PA. If you own and operate a business in a mountainous, snowy region, weatherproofing your office and all the investments within is a serious priority. Here are six tips for making sure the weather doesn’t destroy your company.

Mountain Proof Your Work Place- 6 Tips For Guaranteeing Your Office Can Withstand The Weather

Yearly Roof Inspections

If you could conceivably expect several feet of snow in one deluge this coming winter, you should know that snow can weigh between 15 and 20 pounds per cubic foot. Of course, this depends on how dense it is, but the bolt and screw experts from Detroit say that unless you can afford your roof collapsing and burying your business it’s something you should have checked yearly.


Reinforced Windows

If you have ground-floor windows that face uphill, there is always a chance that snow will avalanche down and break out the windows. Be aware of this, especially if you don’t have another building farther uphill to cushion the blow. Also, snowy areas tend to get gale-force winds during storms. It may be worth it to choose reinforced safety glass for windows on the side of the building that gets hit the worst by wind.


Heat Tape for Pipes and, Possibly, Roof

Heat tape, which is simply a very warm length of cordage, can help keep your pipes from freezing in frigid temperatures. This is extremely useful if your employees would like to use the restroom and wash their hands. If your roof is flat or not peaked very high, you can also have heat tape installed on your roof. With the flick of a switch, you can melt the snow and ensure you won’t have a disastrous cave-in.


Consider a Generator

If your business is a ski lodge, remote bed-and-breakfast or other business that sits off by itself, you may want to consider getting an industrial generator. If your electricity fails, your heat tapes will definitely fail and your furnace will not work if the ignitor is electric. This means your business will freeze over, bursting pipes and letting more and more snow pile onto the roof. Firing up a generator and feeding it gas can save you thousands in repair bills.


Insulate Beneath Your Floors

Whether there is a crawlspace or a full basement beneath your feet, it can save you a bundle to insulate and trap the heat where it belongs rather than letting cold air seep up through the floor. Insulating done properly can also help keep out rodents and other pests.


Have Flood Insurance and a Plan

With great amounts of snow can also come great floods if it melts quickly. If your business is near the bottom of a mountain or beneath a natural sluice, you may come in to work to find standing water. Make sure you are insured for floods and have a plan of action in place if one were to occur.


Doing business in a mountainous region can be a challenge. Luckily, there are plenty of preparatory steps you can take to protect your investment from the elements.

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