Move Your Business Forward by Looking Back at These 5 Proven Marketing Strategies

Move Your Business ForwardSometimes, the old ways still work the best. Even with continually evolving technology and the intrusion of social media into everyone’s lives, some of the older marketing strategies are still the most effective. Below is a list of five marketing strategies that have proven to be effective over the years.

1. Direct Mail

Even widespread access to high-speed Internet, old-fashioned direct mail is still one of the most effective marketing strategies available. Advertisements sent via e-mail are sometimes classified as spam, which causes them to be filtered automatically. However, most people will still glance over all of their mail, giving you an increased chance of reaching out to those who are interested in your specific products or services. If properly formatted and designed, direct mail campaigns can be very effective for getting the message out about your business.

2. Television

While getting advertisements placed on YouTube videos is helpful, many people still watch regular broadcast television. Millions of people in every age bracket watch the television each and every day. Airing a commercial on a local TV station is always an easy way to increase consumer awareness in your particular area.

3. Printed Materials

Creating printed advertisements is another strategy that is time-tested, cheap and effective. This doesn’t only include mail, but also things like fliers and brochures that can be placed in other buildings that consumers visit. Postcards are another great option for many businesses. A dentist, for example, can get dental postcards designed for free at a place such as, and then hand them out to customers, reminding them of when they should have their teeth cleaned again.

4. The Radio

Similarly, the radio is still used by millions, including many young people. Many people listen to the radio for pleasure or to pass the time during a long commute. This is an excellent time to raise brand awareness of new products and services. Due to how the mind works while listening to the radio, what is advertised is more likely to be retained by consumers than with other forms of advertising.

5. Content Based Advertising

Another strategy that has survived the test of time is providing consumers with quality content that also doubles as advertisements for your products and services. In the past, TV shows and cartoons were used mostly as a means to market food and toys. You can take this philosophy into the internet age by producing things like viral videos and flash based video games that also give you company’s products great exposure.

When you are conducting your marketing campaign, be sure to consider all of your options. While using social media and email advertising works for some businesses, you may find a greater amount of success from using more traditional forms of advertising.

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