Looking For A Fun Work Culture? 5 Tips To Make It Achievable

Many companies have been picking up on the hints: a great work environment not only entices great talent and retains the best employees, but it has measurable results that benefit the organization as a whole. Like any aspect of management, achieving a fun work culture comes from the top down as much as the bottom up.

Looking For A Fun Work Culture- 5 Tips To Make It Achievable

Finding a Recipe that Works for Your Office Culture

Depending on your industry and physical work environment, the path to creating an exciting, engaging work environment can be different things. What’s important is understanding motivation. Here are five tips to creating and enjoying a fun work culture at your business:


1. Strong vacation benefits

Companies with generous vacation policies are seeing results because employees are more likely to stay for on board and take pride in the company. Increasing benefits can seem financially frightening, but employers can use services like ADP.com to analyze exactly how their payroll would shake out. The message is clear: letting employees have personal time and breaks from their tasks helps them perform better over the long run.


2. Transparent leadership

Employees take their cues from their superiors. If the chain of command feels opaque, employees will feel at odds with leadership and less likely to enjoy their positions. By being open and honest with employees about projects and goals, and letting them contribute ideas whenever appropriate, helps people feel energized about their work.


3. Free Refreshments

Good old freebies go along away with morale while also helping employees feel relaxed and rewarded. Compared to increasing wage payments or other major decisions, free coffee, soda, juice, and snacks cost a pittance. Employees focus more and produce better results when they have healthy mental and physical breaks.


4. Corporate Events Bring Corporate Participation

Hosting employee parties, contests, retreats and volunteering opportunities helps boost morale. Go a step further by ensuring that leadership gets involved in a very visible way.


5. Ditching People Who Don’t Fit

If improving your work culture is a priority, then some people may just have to find work elsewhere. Online retailer Zappos even pays people to quit if they don’t seem to be a good match after training. You need the right soldiers to go into battle.

Bottom line work culture has a major impact on performance, employee retention and other crucial aspects of business. A mix of benefits and attitude changes can make leaps and bounds of change for a leader willing to put in the effort.

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