Not Just Business: 5 Alternative Degrees You Can Apply in the Business World

College gradWhen most people think of business owners or those who succeed in the business world, they think of MBAs, BBAs and individuals who majored in other business-related fields like marketing and finance. This is not necessarily the case, however. Many people who succeed in business or attract employers do not have traditional business degrees. There are many other majors that can lend themselves to success.

Health Care

Degrees in fields like health care administration, nursing and health care assisting can be very valuable to a business employer. Those who are trained in a health care field are good at acting quickly and making decisions. Since they have been educated in saving lives, these individuals generally know how to lead a team and use their quick thinking skills to assist others in every possible way.


Although English often has a reputation as being a largely worthless degree, this isn’t necessarily true. English degrees tell employers that a candidate has strong communication and writing skills and have been trained to read material for a deeper meaning. English majors can be very successful in business due to the detail-oriented and meticulous nature of their course of study.


Accounting students normally do not learn about the general nature of business, but their skills are incredibly valuable to employers. Accounting is considered the universal language of business and a degree in accounting covers subjects like reading financial statements, auditing, building costing systems and taxation. These subjects are highly favored by employers, especially in a business sense.

Online Degrees

Despite the stigma, employers value online degrees. Pursuing a degree online for business or engineering careers shows an employer that you are focused enough to teach yourself. No matter what degree you have, whether an online electrical engineering master’s degree or an online associate’s degree in history, being self-motivated enough to study and learn independently is something very influential to employers.


Communication degrees are very valuable in today’s market. Communication majors know how to talk to others, are well versed in public speaking, and often have experience in marketing and public relations. These skills are sought after by employers who want high-achieving employees with good written and spoken communication skills.

Although many people who want to work in business seek degrees in business, finance or business management, this doesn’t mean that this is the only route. Individuals who seek degrees in subjects like healthcare, English, accounting and communication, or who pursue degrees online all have strengths companies crave. No matter your background, it is possible to succeed in business.

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