What Should I Do If Employer Doesn’t Offer Wokers’ Compensation Insurance?

What Should I Do If Employer Doesnt Offer Wokers' Compensation InsuranceWhat are you supposed to do if you hear that your employer does not offer worker’s compensation insurance? Many ask themselves this question every day as they struggle to figure out the right approach to addressing the situation. Clearly, worker’s compensation insurance is something that all employees would like to have. However, an employer telling them that they are not going to receive this is rather difficult to deal with. Luckily, the employees do not have to stand for this.

In many states, there are laws that require employers to provide worker’s compensation insurance even if they have only one employee. Clearly, these laws vary from state to state as some states are more interested in providing those protections for works than others may be. In almost every state there is at least some level of protection. It is important to look into what the protections are in your state if you hear that you will not be receiving the insurance.

Following this period of research, it is important to address any issues about it with your employer. There is a chance that the employer may be ill informed about the law in this area, and may be able to clear up the situation for you if you just bring it to his or her attention.

In the event that the employer is still not prepared to fix the situation, it may be time to take more direct action. That is to say that it may be necessary to start to put the pressure on the employer to follow the law. Banding together with other employees to make demands for this insurance is a good way to do it. You do not have to fear being terminated, because this would be yet another violation of your workers’ rights.

Assuming that all of this pressure does not somehow work, it may be appropriate to take the case to court. Hiring an attorney to act on behalf of the employees is the next step. This is a step that does not often have to be used. However, for those who have no other options, it can be an effective way to get the message across that you are not playing around. You want your rights, and you deserve to have them. Anyone who tries to challenge that needs to face the penalties for not obeying the law. That is the bottom line in situations like this. Keep that in mind when you are fighting for your rights.

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