First Run Kind of Snow – Fresh Powder

Imagine walking outside into the crisp morning air as your foot crunches on fresh fallen snow from the night before. Suddenly you know you have to get up to the mountain today! You cancel your obligations for the day, call a companion, grab your equipment and head up to the mountain to get the first run of the day in! Does this scenario seem familiar? Maybe not. But any serious skier or snowboarder knows that fresh powder snow is one of the most coveted luxuries in the winter sports’ world. Winter athletes will clear an entire day’s schedule just to feel the pillowy softness under them as they sore down untouched slopes.

Fresh powdered snow is like Christmas morning to a ski or snowboarder. It allows for smooth runs without having to worry about bumps, holes or cuts in the snow made by other riders. The properties of used slopes can break a riders’ stance or concentration. Fresh powder makes it easier to balance, to carve and get height for tricks. Powder creates even and level runs which help the rider gain speed as glide down the slopes.

There is no better feeling than the mix of adrenaline and serenity as you float down the side of a mountain in billowy clouds of white powder. So give yourself a break and take a day to experience the thrill of fresh powder snow. You won’t regret it!

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