What Websites Are The Best For Finding Your Next Job

What Websites Are The Best For Finding Your Next Job

What Websites Are The Best For Finding Your Next JobTrying to find a job today is an incredibly daunting task. It’s important to take advantage of all the resources that the internet offers. There are many websites today that employers are now using to post positions and locate workers. When using online job listings it’s important to remember that most people will be getting back to you through email or through the websites themselves.

1. Craigslist

It may surprise some to know that Craigslist, the free classifieds service, is one of the main ways that employers find employees today. Other than employers that specifically use staffing services, most employers post their ads on Craigslist even if they’ve already put it in the newspaper. Job seekers that use Craigslist do need to be cautious because there are many scams on Craigslist today, as well as jobs that aren’t outright scams but may still not be ultimately beneficial to the job seeker. Any jobs that require that the job seeker pay anything for materials or training are usually not worth the money. Jobs that are from out of town or will not give a business name should be properly researched.


2. Monster

Monster is one of the leading job posting websites, followed closely by CareerBuilder. Many employers post jobs on Monster, and the job postings on Monster tend to be more valid than the ones on Craigslist. There are still a lot of telecommuting positions on Monster that do need to be watched. Unlike Craigslist, Monster allows professionals to create a profile that employers can search for. This means that employers may actually be able to locate you first if you fill your profile with your skills and experience. Employers have to pay quite a bit to place an ad in Monster which means that the ads are mostly correct.


3. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder is a very similar website to Monster. It has a lower signal-to-noise ratio than Monster, which means that more of their listings are either irrelevant or not real. CareerBuilder is more focused in the financial sector, but a lot of the positions offered are either being posted by recruiters or aren’t legitimate at all. This means that job seekers need to be exceptionally cautious when replying to these positions. It can be beneficial for the job seeker to check Craigslist and Monster before they touch CareerBuilder, because most jobs that are posted on CareerBuilder will show up on at least one of those two websites as well.


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