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Dress For the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have: The ROI of a Good Suit

Here’s your chance to land the job of your dreams. The competition is fierce. The convention is crowded with businessmen eager to make themselves known. You work the crowd and mingle with the elite of the business world. You tout your expertise and amaze them with your knowledge. You dazzle. You shine. Yet, there in a corner, a man of your age and stature is surrounded by company heads offering prestigious positions. What does he have that you don’t? Perplexed, you stare at him. Not only does he exude confidence, he looks good.


Never underestimate the power of a fine suit. People will notice you, not only for how you look, but how well you can represent a company. The suit is the man. Not every suit has the effect of a powerful business man, though. Your suit needs to fit you, literally. It needs to put forth an edge of confidence and success just by you entering a room. Wearing one of these suits may give you that extra edge in obtaining the job you are striving for.


Man in a grey suitAs with many things, you get what you pay for. If you choose a suit off the rack from an everyday store, then it may just be of everyday quality. It may fit you okay, but wouldn’t you rather have it fit “you” perfectly? Skip the department store and opt for a custom tailored suit from retailers like H. M. Cole or Indochino. Be picky with the material. Don’t settle for cheaper synthetic material, when wool will last for years. Be pickier still; choose fine woolen material instead of low grade wool. Brand names may clue you in for quality, but always check the material labels to verify. Don’t stop at the tailored pants and jacket. Be sure to include quality shoes, shirts and custom business ties to make you a complete success story. Make yourself shine.


Make sure it fits. Wandering into the local men’s shop may have you looking through racks of sport coats and lovely trousers, but so won’t every other man who enters that store. Will this shop do custom tailoring for you? The jacket may be perfect in the shoulders, but the sleeves are too long. Buying it because it’s on sale won’t have you looking like the successful professional you aim to be. Have them build the suit around you, literally. Yes, it will cost you more, but that money will be well invested into your future, and that future will bring you more money.

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