Get Away: The 5 Best Jobs that Offer a Flexible Work Schedule

Mountain JobsLife can often interfere with work and vice versa. The typical 9-to-5 schedule leaves little free time. Weekends were reserved for all those things you didn’t have time for, including grocery shopping, chores, paying the bills. Let’s not forget soccer practice and dance recitals, too.

Having a steady job and reliable paycheck are not enough for some. Busy people, especially parents, are struggling to find the right balance between work and home responsibilities. Flexible work schedules are no longer reserved for a lucky few. If you are just starting out or considering a career change, here are 5 of the best jobs that offer flexible work schedules.

1. Registered Nurse

Nursing homes, school districts and hospitals offer registered nurses a variety of flexible work schedules. Registered nurses have the option of employing their skills in areas that involve little to no patient interaction. Their expertise can be applied to developing informational material, conducting instructional seminars and case management work that will help avoid costly service duplications between patients and care providers.

Median Annual Salary: $45,000

2. Mental Health Counselor

Community centers, government agencies, schools and mental health facilities employ mental health counselors to provide a range of emotional support for individuals suffering from an array of personal issues. Mental health counselors can work up to 40 hours a week and are able to adjust their work schedule to accommodate those of their clients.

Median Annual Salary: $45,000

3. Web Design and Software Development

With the proliferation of the internet, there is a high demand for web designers who can create attractive web pages that generate interest and business. Software developers create software for operating systems, computer games and other products that have a wide range of applications. Both fields offer the flexibility of working wherever there is an internet connection.

Median Annual Salary: $52,000-$73,000

4. Tax Specialists and Accounting

Every business needs an accountant to manage their day-to-day financials and see to the timely filing of quarterly and annual taxes. Accounting and tax specialists have the flexibility of setting their own hours and working where they choose. They can also determine their work load and have the potential of making more profit than a typical 9-to-5 position.

Median Annual Salary: $39,000

5. Customer Service and Support

Operating a large call center comes with huge overhead. Companies have realized the benefit of eliminating that overhead by shifting to employees who work from home. Customer service representatives can now work anywhere they have a phone in some particular jobs. For those companies that still employ call center representatives, the Department of Labor reports a large jump in part-time and split shift opportunities.

Median Annual Salary: $35,000

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