Five Jobs for Those with a Heart of Gold

Modern society and technology has created jobs that span across a huge range of talents, skills, wits, physical strengths and dispositions. Some jobs require emotional detachment while others benefit from compassion. Any job with a purpose of helping others requires people who have empathy and love in their hearts. Here is a list of five jobs that require the worker to have a heart of gold:


Doctors get all the glory when it comes to healing the sick and injured, but nurses play a vital role in the running of hospitals and doctor’s offices around the globe. As a nurse, your job is to take care of people when they are at their most physically vulnerable. Great nurses not only take care of patients physically, they make them feel comfortable and secure during difficult times. This is a great job for people who feel a lot of love and compassion.


Teaching requires levels of caring, understanding and love that few other professions come close to duplicating. A great teacher can have an effect on a student for a lifetime. Likewise, a bad teacher can sour potential greatness without even knowing it. Only people who truly care about the education of children and the betterment of our world should consider a career in teaching.

Rehab Counselor

A substance addiction is one of the most difficult things to overcome in life. People who can express true compassion and love for other human beings are usually the only ones that can make it as a counselor in a rehab center. Many people think addicts don’t deserve the care they need to get better, but those who work in rehab centers know that addictions can hurt anyone. For more information on rehab you can learn more at Freedom Drug Rehab.


There are a lot of problems in the world, and it’s the therapist’s job to listen to them. Providing therapy to people who are troubled emotionally requires patience and sympathy that may be too difficult for some to handle. Not everyone is cut out to provide emotional assistance to those that need it, but people with hearts of gold come from the right place.

Social Worker

When people find themselves in really difficult financial, violent or abusive situations, they often turn to government social workers for assistance. As a result, social workers see a lot of terrible situations that would turn most people off from the job. It requires a heart of gold to stick with certain cases and make sure that people are safe and secure.

Author Bio: Mike wrote this with Stanley Martinson.

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