You’re Hired: Where Your Hard Work Can Pay Off in the Interview

In a competitive job market, acing an interview, and landing your dream job takes more than just showing up with the knowledge and skills required for the job. Preparing for an interview can almost be a job in and of itself. It is possible, however. In fact, if you have worked hard in these five areas, your chance of getting hired is probably pretty good.

You're Hired Where Your Hard Work Can Pay Off in the Interview

Earn a College Degree

While a college degree is not necessary for every line of work, having an advanced degree can set you apart as a job candidate. A college diploma from a reputable school shows that you have the skills, knowledge, and drive to do well in your chosen field.


Craft an Excellent Resume

If the hiring manager is sorting through stacks of hundreds of resumes, it is imperative that your resume sticks out from the crowd. Do not simply list where and when you have worked. Use your resume to highlight your skills and knowledge and to show what an asset you will be to the company if hired.


Practice Interview Skills and Questions

Even the most qualified applicants sometimes get tripped up by difficult interview questions, but you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Practice your interview talking points, and think of answers to common interview questions in advance so you can go in to your interview confident and prepared.


Use Prior Work History

While a college degree does indicate that you have the knowledge you need for the job, nothing is as impressive as real world job history. If you have worked in similar jobs that prepared you for the job you want to get hired for, be sure that your interviewer knows about it.


Network to Build Job Contacts

Sometimes jobs do not go to the most qualified applicants. Sometimes they go to the candidates who know the right people. Consider who you might know that could think of a great job opening, or who could put in a great word for you at their company. Hiring managers are more likely to hire people they know and trust.


Going up against other people who have also earned their business continuity degrees online can be challenging. You do not need to worry, however. If you put in the hard work and dedication in every one of the above areas, you should be able to find a great project management job without too much trouble.

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