10 Incentives That Your Employees Will Actually Compete For

Incentives That Your Employees Will Actually Compete For

Your employees have gotten a little sluggish lately and you need a way to get them to get excited about the work they do each day. Incentive contests are a great way to boost their productivity while having some fun. The key is choosing gifts that are tantalizing enough to make them go the extra mile to win the prize.

10. A Selection of Snazzy Ties

Guys that are conscious about their office appearance will literally stick their necks out to win a selection of premium corporate ties. This gift is perfect for men that are motivated to move up the corporate ladder. They always want to impress the boss. High quality ties enhances their professional image.

9. Company Paid Lunch or Dinner for Two

For busy couples going out to lunch or dinner is an opportunity to spend some quality time together. Best of all, the lucky winner and a guest can eat the most expensive items on the menu without worrying about the check.

8. A Month’s Supply of Their Favorite Snacks

There’s no two ways about it. Employees love snacking on the job. It’s pretty common for people to bring snacks to munch on throughout the day. Some people make special trips to the break room or vending machine to get their snack fix. A whole month’s worth of their favorite snack is too tempting to pass up.

7. Naming the Conference Room in Their Honor

A unique way to publicly honor your best employee is to give that plain conference room some pizzazz by naming it after the top performer. For example, hang a plaque and have everyone call it the Jane Smith room.

6. Theater Tickets to a Popular Play

If your business is located in a city that puts on Broadway performances, handing out tickets to the hottest play in town is a great idea.

5. $50 Shopping Spree

Shopaholics and those married to people that love to shop will enjoy a free shopping spree.

4. The World’s Most Comfortable Office Chair

Many employees make do with flimsy office chairs while secretly drooling over the boss’s cushy seat. Give them a chance to win their own cozy dream chair. Add ergonomic or soft leather features and have them jumping out of their seats to own it.

3. A Reserved Parking Spot

Employees that drive to work everyday sure would cherish having a VIP parking spot close to the office building.

2. An Extra Vacation Day

Thanks to a generous company incentive some lucky person is going to have an extra day of relaxation. Even the laziest worker would try to win this.

1. A No Strings Attached Paid Day Off

Everyone’s fantasy is to be able to simply blow off work whenever they feel like it. Most people don’t do it because they are very responsible. Announce a paid day off contest that lets them skip work whenever they choose. This will light a fire under them like you’ve never seen.

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