5 Great Jobs Where You Set Your Own Schedule

There are many people looking for work who find that jobs where the employees can make their own hours is a priority, whether they are a single parent, a traveler, a college student, etc. But finding good jobs can be tricky when you don’t know where to start. Here are 5 great careers where it is easy to set your own schedule.Five Great Jobs Where You Set Your Own Schedule

1. Sales Rep

Whether you are selling Avon, Cutco knives or gold and silver, when you are a salesman the job is based on customers and quotas. So for those salespeople who can make their quota at the beginning of the week, they can take the rest of the time off; or great for the self-disciplined person who can make a consistent and regular income through an entire week. Either way, this people-oriented job is a great place for flexibility.

2. Real Estate Agent

This is a great place to work for those who love people and working with them. Businesses like Partners Trust have the flexibility of hours to let you do a lot of the choosing, while at the same time providing a grand opportunity of a great career. Being friendly and dedicated to providing trustworthy service makes this a workplace of integrity.

3. Graphic Designer 

For those who love computers, programming and art, this is a great job that allows for much freedom as far as schedule goes. It is not sitting in an office for a set amount of hours, but working project by project, whether as a game designer, logo designer or upkeeping a website.

4. Freelance Writer

There are many avenues for freelance writers, including bloggers, editors, columnists, authors, and more. With your own computer and inspiration to spur you on, writers have the liberty to stay up into the wee hours of the morning jotting down their thoughts, or to work steadily throughout the day, or on and off in 15 minute spurts. So long as you get the work done, there is a great deal of flexibility for this line of careers.

5. Customer Service Rep

All you’ll need is a phone and internet access! As there are companies that are now trying to bring customer service work back to the U.S. as opposed to overseas, much to the appreciation of anyone calling, working for a customer service agency is a great way to work at home or at the hours of your choosing in an office.

Though these are only a few of many jobs with flexible, employee-made schedules, these are several great places to start, for any extrovert, introvert or ambivert around.

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