Family Time: 5 Good Paying Jobs That Have Flexible Schedules

Family Time- 5 Good Paying Jobs That Have Flexable SchedulesMany jobs that pay well are normally demanding. In general, such jobs require specialized training, more average working hours and hard work. However, there are some jobs that are high paying but have flexible schedules. These jobs are lucrative indeed since they provide one with the opportunity of spending more quality time with the family while still earning. Here is the list:


Doctors spend approx 13 years in training before they start receiving full pay. Although the initial investment is a bit steep, doctors get to enjoy flexible schedules afterwards. Many of the other professionals in the healthcare industry, like therapists and nurses, also enjoy months of leisure time every year. For instance, nurses usually take advantage of offers from traveling nurse companies to spend time oversees with family members.

Judges and Magistrates

Judges normally work for less than 2,000 hours a year with an annual income of $142,670. Getting to this level is not quite easy. You need to become a lawyer first and then acquire a bar certificate. In most cases, judges are usually selected from the pool of the most successful attorneys. Many judges with smaller jurisdictions usually take other side jobs or run businesses with the free time on their hands.

Education Administrators

These professionals work for approx 1,846 hours every year. The annual income ranges from $86,970 to $129,480. A principal’s normal day at work usually entails overseeing daily activities at schools. In order to apply for this position, one must acquire adequate experience. Even though the job is very stressful, one gets to enjoy up-to three months leisure time during summer breaks.


This job has several categories with some being more demanding than others. Those on lower positions should also expect longer working hours. Statistics released by the BLS reveal that out of the 148,000 employed librarians, 63,000 work in schools. This means that they enjoy less working hours when compared to their counterparts in colleges. The annual salary ranges from $54,500 to $83,510.


Large aircraft pilots hold envious jobs indeed. Regulations normally limit their flying time to not more than 1,000 hours per year. The annual salary ranges from $103,210 to $139,330. Pilots normally spend most of their working hours executing other non-flying duties. This includes waiting for the aircraft that they’re supposed to fly to arrive. In case delays caused by weather occur, pilots will also wait for everything to clear before flying.

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