Local Marketing: 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Market Your Small Business

“Budget-friendly” is a term that many business owners want to hear. They don’t want to think about spending a ton of money, and they realize that marketing often involves spending a decent portion of money. What are five budget friendly ways to market your business?

An In-House Team

Setting up a marketing team within your company is a vital step that you do not want to miss. Failure to put together an in-house team means that you’ll need to outsource so much, which can be more expensive. You can make this team from individuals who already work for you or from new members you wish to add.

Create a Facebook Page

One of the best things about Facebook is that it is free. You do not need to pay money to set up a page for your business, so you can literally pay nothing for your marketing endeavors. You can post statuses and pictures all throughout the day to let customers know what is going on, or you can save your Facebook posts for those extra special moments.

Start an Email Campaign

Email is a very powerful tool because it helps bring people together in a professional and technologically-forward environment. When you are ready to start your email campaign, all you will really need is an email account and knowledge of how to create a newsletter design. Make sure you do not come across as spam. You need to target a particular audience, and you must make sure people have actually asked for these emails.

Knowing Where to Post Advertisements

Yes, a lot of marketing is conducted online these days, but plenty of people are still using old-fashioned methods. Customers want to see those print advertisements. You can use a brochure printing business to get the ball rolling; you can even ask family members and friends to post advertisements in their own businesses. As long as they do not own competing businesses, this relationship can be a nice reciprocal one.

Start a Blog

When you want to blend the professional and casual, you can start a blog. Blogs done right, that is written in a believable tone with useful information to share, can make a lot of money. Many people have even decided to become professional bloggers as an alternative to college. At the end of the work day, you can take some time to work on it yourself and to document news, or you might want to hire a freelance writer to take care of these tasks for you.

Whatever you choose to do, these methods will help you to save some money along the way.

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